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Jamie Eason Lean Body Fat Burner Review

Ladies of the world unite! And lift, run, jump or whatever makes you feel good. If cutting weight is on the cards there are plenty of amazing supplements to do the job. This is a Jamie Eason Signature Series Fat Loss Support Review.

This supplement looks quite nice, clean and appealing and reminds us a bit of our number #2 fat burner.

The ingredients profile is also fairly good, with a focus on amino acids that help the bodies energy expenditure and also improve performance in the gym.

Let’s take a closer look at the major ingredients:

Jamie Eason Signature Series Fat Loss Support Core Ingredients

The ingredients you find in this fat burner are quite limited. With some potentially causing some unwanted side effects.

The focus is on stimulants, with little in the way of dietary support like you should really expect from a premium fat burning product.

CoffeeBerry (Fancy Caffeine)

A staple of any fat burner. The dose in this product is pretty good too. Caffeine is one of the most well researched fat burning ingredients on the planet. It will get your metabolism boosted and also improve energy levels and performance.

Citrus Aurantium

This isn’t that good. It’s actually similar to the banned substance ephedrene. There have been a few reports that this stimulant can have negative interactions with caffeine too. You need to check your tolerance when supplementing this.

Amino Acids (L Carnitine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine)

The amino acids in here will improve focus and help with the body’s efficient use of energy. The problem is that though, they are wildly under dosed. You need far more of all 3 of these ingredients for good results.

Jamie Eason Signature Series Fat Loss Support Dose

2 capsules is a serving. This isn’t enough for a good fat burner. You need at least 4 capsules for maximum effect on metabolism, energy and dietary support.

This product under doses on amio acids too, which is just pointless. You can get far better fat burner support from products in our top 3. 

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Jamie Eason Signature Series Fat Loss Support Side Effects

Citrus Aurantium and Caffeine can both cause negative side effects. Especially if you are sensitive to either ingredient.

These side effects can be headaches, nausea and dizzyness. Not to mention crashes following the use of the them.

It’s very important you check your tolerance, or alternatively by a tried and tested fat burner that doesn’t use them.

Jamie Eason Signature Series Fat Loss Support Review Conclusion

This isn’t what we’ve come to expect. Ultimately it’s a bit risky to be supplementing this product due to the potentially interacting ingredients.

Why put your health at risk to lose a few pounds when there are far better fat burners with safer ingredients that have been tested and proven?

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