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Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Review

You have probably felt many times like you don’t have enough power to take that extra step in order to get that body that you’ve been looking for. Fortunately, there are numerous supplements that can help you with that, such as pre-workouts, fat burners, and testosterone boosters.

Many men face problems with low testosterone- which is a male sex hormone. The ladies have it too, but in a much smaller quantity. There are many supplements that can boost your testosterone, but the tricky part comes when you have to choose just one. You have to be careful and look at it the ingredients inside of it as well, as check whether our not there are any side effects.

We are here to support you with that by offering reviews of all the supplements that are out in the market right now. There is one potentially good supplement by the supplement company known as Irwin Naturals. It is a famous manufacturer, known for it’s all-natural products, and now, they have a testosterone booster called Testosterone UP which is looking pretty promising.

Looking at the ingredients, you should expect your testosterone levels to go up, increased sex drive, improved mood, and growth in muscle mass and strength.

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Ingredients of the Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up

Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up Ingredients


Good, but not that great of an ingredient. It should boost your testosterone levels, but there aren’t enough studies to prove that. However, you should expect a boost in your libido. In this we are sure.

Beta Sitosterols

A pretty good ingredient which will help with the production of testosterone. It is very rare to see this nutrient in a testosterone booster, but it is a good choice by Irwin Naturals.


Another good decision because this nutrient is an amino acid that helps with the blood flow and pumping of your muscles. It is not connected with your testosterone but it will help with your muscle structure.

Tongkat Ali

This is also known as Longjack and it comes with another unproven action. It should boost your testosterone but once again, there are not enough studies to prove this.

Ginkgo Biloba

Some studies are saying that this should improve your cognition and focus. It is a great addition to the formula of Testosterone Up.


This is a mineral that will boost your energy which will result in training with higher intensity.


An ingredient that will slightly boost the level of your testosterone.


It has a major impact on the creation of testosterone.

Gama Oryzanol

A rare element that will increase your testosterone and regulate your hormones.

How to buy the Irwin Naturals Testosterone UP

This product can be found on the official website of Irwin Naturals. To be fair, it is quite cheap. You can buy this supplement for 34.99 US Dollars and you will get 60 liquid soft-gels. You should take 2-3 per day, so, it should last for at least a month. Remember to take it with a lot of water and after a meal.

There are a lot more other testosterone boosters that are much more expensive but give you a horrible formula that is just screaming its purpose – scam. We believe that this one can actually help you and you will be given for great results.

Side Effects and Negative Sides of the Irwin Naturals Testosterone UP

Fortunately, there are no serious side effects because of the natural and clean formula that was created by Irwin Naturals. Yes, some ingredients don’t have enough evidence of their work, but they can’t harm you in any way. Just remember to take it the proper way and not to overreact with its dosage.

The only negative side is that there aren’t enough ingredients that will directly boost your testosterone. This is sometimes better because it is purely natural, but sometimes your consumption of the supplement will be worthless.

Some people say that they have experienced bad smell and odor, but we believe that a big role in this is played by your body. Every person is different and can react differently with the ingredients.

Read the label and you will only see positive results. If you are having suspicions about possible allergies, we advise you to consult a doctor.

Conclusion of the Irwin Naturals Testosterone UP

Of course, it is not the best testosterone booster, but we believe that it will give you at least a mild push with your workout. Looking at the ingredients, there are enough to give you energy and improve your overall performance.

Now, it might not be the worst ingredient, but it’s definitely not the best. The Irwin Natural Testosterone Up is decent testosterone booster. BUT it’s lacking in a lot of actual testosterone boosting ingredients.

They could have definitely chosen a couple more scientifically-proven ingredients. There’s too much uncertainty, and whilst the cheap price is tempting. This is not a supplement that we can consciously recommend to our readers.

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