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Ironmag Labs LeanFuel V2 Review

Wanting to cut away fat in time for a bodybuilding show? Or just losing a bit to look rocking on the beach? Ironmags Labs fat burner could be the answer.

LeanFuel V2 is the second version of a fat burner supplement from fitness website Ironmag Labs.

The supplement looks fairly powerful and you’d think it would be effective. But if you take a look at the back of the supplement you’ll see the ingredients list.

Annoyingly the blend in LeanFuel v2 is a proprietary blend. This means you cannot see individual doses in ingredients.

To get full results from a fat burner you need a completely natural supplement, with clear doses of proven ingredients.

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What Ingredients are in Ironmag Labs LeanFuel V2

Ingredients wise you get a 670mg serving in each capsules of LeanFuel V2.

Each capsule can be taken twice a day. The effects you can expect from this supplement look to be mainly focused on stimulants.

Supplement companies will tell you that they use a proprietary blend, but more often than not they will instead be creating a supplement that uses cheaper and less effective ingredients.

Avoiding side effects is also essential to a successful fat cut. Especially if you are cutting calories down getting ready for a show.

The dose of certain ingredients is essential to understanding the effects a supplement can have. Whilst you can’t see the doses in Ironmag labs fat burner, you can expect the following.

Ironmag Labs LeanFuel V2 Ingredients


Essential in a fat burner. Whilst Ironmag Labs have used an unknown amount, around 300mg works best.

Caffeine will raise your metabolism, ensuring you burn through more calories through the day. It will also provide a source of energy, so if you are dieting or training whilst using the supplement it can help. It’s been widely researched and proven to work at the right dose.


This is an essential amino acid that can help with dopamine production. By doing this it can help reduce stress levels that a hard workout can cause. This means that you are more likely to be successful in burning fat. Generally you can get enough of this with a healthy diet, so there isn’t much of a reason to supplement more of it.

Green Tea

A proven and effective fat burning ingredients. Green tea can help with the breakdown of fatty acids in the liver.

Basically green tea will burn away unwanted fat. It also comes packed with antioxidants and a small amount of caffeine, which can be another big benefit.


Not good. This is actually chemically similar to banned substance ephedrine and can do more harm than good.

Combining synephrine with other stimulants has been commonly known to lead to unwanted side effects. As an ingredient in Ironmag Labs Leanfuel V2, this is a pretty poor choice.

White Willow

This is used widely for its ability to make asprin. It’s been shown to closely help with muscular and joint pain. Although it’s link to fat burning isn’t fully proven yet.

Ironmag Labs LeanFuel V2 Dose

2 capsules per day with a combined dose of 670mg.

It’s impossible to tell what amount of ingredients you are getting in each serving of LeanFuel V2 and if it would cause side effects.

Generally the combination of caffeine and synephrine can cause unwanted side effects, especially at the wrong dose.

With lots of fat burners that use a proprietary blend filling the supplement full of stimulants, it could be worth you testing your tolerance before supplementation of Ironmag Labs LeanFuel v2.

Will Ironmag Labs LeanFuel V2 give me side effects?

Ironmag Labs Leanfuel V2 side effects could happen due to the combination of Caffiene and Synephrine.

If you’re prepping for a show, you don’t need added nausea, headaches and sickness. It can really set you back on progress.

To avoid LeanFuel V2 side effects, you could try 1 capsule a day for the first few days to see how your body reacts.

Where can you buy Ironmag Labs LeanFuel V2?

This fat burner can be bought exclusively from www.ironmaglabs.com for $34.99.

Value wise it’s not great, as the product uses 2 capsules a day, which could cause side effects. The doses of ingredients seem little lower than most premium fat burners too when you look at the 670mg blend.

Does Ironmag Labs LeanFuel V2 work?

We’d expect some reasonable results from Ironmag Labs LeanFuel V2, due to the predominantly natural ingredients used.

This is a fat burner that’s probably aimed at people making more of a serious cut though, as there are still risks due to the proprietary blend and some of the ingredients used.

To get the most from supplementing Ironmag Labs LeanFuel v2 you should be on a strict diet and hitting the gym 4/5 times per week.

If you follow this, the supplement should work for you.

Ironmag Labs LeanFuel V2 Review Conclusion

LeanFuel V2 is a fairly hardcore fat burner. It does use a blend of natural ingredients, but puts them all in an annoying proprietary blend.

There is a high chance this fat burner is full of stimulants and so may cause you unwanted side effects.

If you are supplementing Ironmag Labs fat burner, we’d recommend training quite hard and ensuring your diet is clean and you maintain a calorie deficit.

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