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Iron Brothers Ripped Review

The Iron Brother’s Supplements Company is very opinionated. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, as you’ll find out in our Iron Brothers Ripped Review… Sometimes, having a foundation to stand on is what can make or break a supplement.

Of course, whether or not they use that foundation correctly is entirely up to the company that manufactures that supplement. As of right now, I can say that they definitely tried.

The Iron Brothers Ripper formula is, undeniably, well-researched. For one, we don’t get the usual proprietary blend. Which means, that the supplement company was confident enough in their formula to fully disclose everything that’s inside of it!

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We also see familiar ingredients like Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean Extract! Both of which are popularly used in many fat burning products. That’s not to say that everything about this formula is in tip-top shape, but we’ll be talking about that more later!

Specifically, as we delve into the next part of our Iron Brothers Ripped Review. That is, the breakdown of ingredients! So, continue reading to learn more!

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Iron Brothers Ripped Ingredients

Before we list down all the ingredients in this formula, let’s first talk about what we can expect from it!

As mentioned in the introduction, there are some good ingredients in here. For example, both Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean Extract are highly-prized fat burning ingredients. We also get Caffeine Anhydrous, which is better known for its energy-boosting benefits!

Unfortunately, there are some bad eggs in this formula. Things like Raspberry Ketones and Garcinia are good on paper but horrible in application. There’s no solid research for either of those ingredients to stand on — making both wholly ineffective.

Let’s look at all those in more detail down below!

Iron Brothers Ripped Review 2

Green Tea

The first ingredient is one that they can definitely be proud of. After all, Green Tea is well-known for its metabolic boosting benefits! It’s an ingredient that too many fat burning supplements ignore — and for no good reason too!

The only downside here is the dosage. They were pretty close. However, Green Tea is known to be most effective at 400-500 milligrams. Which makes the 330 milligrams that they have in this formula just a bit short.

That doesn’t mean that the ingredient will be completely ineffective. However, you definitely won’t be getting it at its full potential.

Green Coffee Bean

Our next ingredient is another recommended ingredient. Green Coffee Bean is just generally good for you, but as a plus, it’s also been said to help burn fat. This is through a compound called Chlorogenic Acid (which is present only when the coffee bean is at its rawest form.)

As of right now, we know that it’s highly effective in most cases. However, there are studies that suggest that it might not work for everyone.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone was a big hit back in the day. It was touted as a miracle-cure in American media. Unfortunately, such benefits have yet to be discovered — even to this day. In fact, there is more evidence to suggest that this ingredient has ZERO effects. This is especially true when the ingredient is supplemented.

Olive Leaf

Although this is not necessarily a fat burning ingredient, it’s still a good ingredient to have. Olive Leaf has been known to support treatments for cardiovascular disease. It’s also been said to help promote weight loss. Although, that specific benefit has yet to be proven.


Caffeine is a staple in most of today’s supplements. Whether it be fat burner supplements or pre workout supplements! That’s because it’s an effective stimulant! It will help boost your energy, and has even been proven to help boost metabolism (for certain people.)

There is no denying Caffeine’s benefits. However, it has been known to be a bit of a double-edged sword. Iron Brothers Ripped has three different sources of caffeine on their list, which amounts to a number that is certain to cause side-effects (see side-effects section below.)

Bacopa Monnieri

Much like the Olive Leaf Extract, this is not necessarily a fat burner. In fact, it’s better known for its nootropic benefits. Benefits that include memory enhancement and a boost in focus! Such benefits might not seem all that much, but it’s a nice little addition to their formula nonetheless.


We mentioned this previously, but much like Raspberry Ketones, this ingredient is wholly ineffective. It has been shown to work as is. However, there is research to show that Garcinia does not work when taken as a supplement. This is due to its poor absorption value, which keeps it from working properly.


This ingredient is not all that different from the previous. Which makes it a bad choice for the Iron Brothers Ripped. It’s just much too weak of an ingredient to actually do anything. Which keeps it highly ineffective.


L-Theanine is a nootropic that I do (in occasion) like to see in supplements. This, when paired with Caffeine, has been said to promote a calm energy. Which is best for long hours spent in the gym!

Coleus Forskholi

Although rare, I have run into this ingredient in the past. There are many fat burner supplements and testosterone boosters that have been adding this into their formula. However, as of yet, none of its benefits have been proven.


This is an ingredient that is more often used as a supporting ingredient. Which makes it a good choice for the Iron Brothers Ripped Formula. Specifically, this ingredient has been said to promote quicker and better absorption overall. Which makes the other ingredients used to become more effective!

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Where to buy Iron Brothers Ripped

Price: $49.97

The Iron Brothers Ripped fat burner can be purchased on their official website for the premium price of $49.97. You might also be able to find it at a cheaper price on Amazon, where it can go for about 20-30$.

Iron Brothers Ripped Side effects

Iron Brothers did well when it came to picking their ingredients. Most of it is safe. However, there is still one ingredient you might want to watch out for.

  • Caffeine — The overall caffeine content in this formula is more than what most people might be able to handle. By that I mean, if you’re not used to regularly consuming caffeine or are sensitive to its effects, you might experience a couple of side-effects. These include jitters, energy-crashes, and insomnia.

Iron Brothers Ripped Conclusion

Overall, the Iron Brothers Ripped fat burner ended up being a good try on their part. They used ingredients that were effective and proven-to-work! That, in itself, allowed it to earn its high score. However, we are missing a couple of key ingredients here that could have helped push the envelope between good and great.

It would have been nice to see thermogenic ingredients like Cayenne Pepper. OR even, appetite suppressing ingredients like Glucomannan. Either way, they could have done away with a bunch of their other ingredients.

This includes things like Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia, CLA, etc. I admire them for being honest about their product and applaud them for their confidence. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they used unproven ingredients in their formula.

As it stands, it’s not a bad fat burner. BUT, is there better? Yes, yes there is!

If you want to get to know the fat burners that are at the top of the market, then I recommend that you check out our Top 3 Fat Burners list! There’s nothing better out there.

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