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Instant Knockout vs Trans4orm

Roar Ambition’s Instant Knockout vs Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm fat burner.

Can Instant Knockout bring you the results you’ve been wanting, shifting that bit of unwanted and unsightly fat? Or is Trans4orm going to be the better, more viable option for you.

When you choose a fat burner it’s impossible to not get caught up in the countless choices and so called “expert reviews” littering the internet.


Instant Knockout vs Trans4orm – Ingredients

Look beyond the packaging of these two products and you’ll find two supplements that are different on a number of levels.

Evlution Nutrition have focused on a big number of amino acids in their fat burner, where as Instant Knockout have used proven herbs at scientific doses.

Green Tea is in both fat burners at 500mg. Green Tea is a proven and effective fat burning ingredient and without a doubt something that you should be looking out for.

Amino acids need to be dosed exactly. You can get some good results from ingredients like L-Tyrosine, however they need to be dosed much higher than is available in most fat burners.

Trans4orm does a reasonable job with the 200mg of L-Tyrosine, but it is better supplemented in a pre workout as it’s provides most benefits during training.

Instant Knockout may not be the most potent pre workout fat burner, like Trans4orm. But it should get you good results whether you are hitting the gym 2 times a week or 6.

Trans4orm Ingredients
Trans4orm Ingredients

As you can see above, Trans4orm contains 2 x 2 capsule serving per day, which has 175mg of caffeine per serving.

Caffeine is a fat burner staple, but it also needs it’s dose spreading evenly. Instant Knockout has 300mg of caffeine, which is suggested you spread evenly through the day.

Effects wise this will see you with more energy through the day and a more pleasant experience and better results when you are burning fat.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

When you take a look a the scientific studies backing the Instant Knockout ingredients you can see evidence backed ingredients for 100% of the contents.

Trans4orm struggles as Yohimbe and Huperzia, for example, aren’t as well studied for fat burning and metabolism enhancing properties. Yohimbe can also cause some unwanted side effects, espeically.

The bottom line:

You’ll get better results from the ingredients in Instant Knockout day to day. If you are hitting the gym HARD (5+ sessions per week) we’d recommend Trans4orm. 

Instant Knockout vs Trans4orm – Side Effects

Side effects from fat burners can vary wildly.

With products that contain high levels of stimulants, these side effects can be fairly problematic.

Luckily for you, both these products are fairly safe in terms of ingredients content and levels of stimulants.

Both Evlution Nutrition and Instant Knockout are made up of predominantly natural ingredients and don’t contain the usual offenders like Synephrine or Guarana.

The Bottom Line:

We’re going to favor Instant Knockout slightly here. Purely because it’s 100% natural and all ingredients are purely from these sources.

Instant Knockout vs Trans4orm – Price

Evlution Nutrition and Instant Knockout are solid supplements. But, what you should be asking is, are they both premium?

When it comes to choosing which is best here you need to understand that pricing can often be a reflection of the ingredients and dose size. We’ve found both Instant Knockout and Trans4orm do 120 capsule bottles. Which is ideal and means you can ensure decent results.

Instant Knockout price: $59.00 – www.instantknockout.com

Trans4orm price: $29.99 – www.bodybuilding.com

So, Trans4orm is cheaper here. But what’s frustrating is it’s blend isn’t as focused and won’t get you as effective results when it comes to burning away unwanted fat.

The Bottom Line:

Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm just beats Instant Knockout in terms of price. There is a clear cut winner in terms of the numbers…but the product you are getting for that money is what matters. With a multi buy deal and a 90 day results guarantee, we’d probably still go with Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout vs Trans4orm – Brand

Evlution Nutrition are fairly big in the business. Available on most big retails websites and supplement shops you can pick up their supplements from anywhere.

Roar Ambition, who make Instant Knockout, on the other hand only sell from their websites.


Roar Ambition are a specialist sports supplements company, providing athletes and professionals with the tools they need to hit their goals. Online they have a huge following and a few high level MMA athletes and Bodybuilders who work with them.

After dealing with both companies via Facebook chat, we have to say that the team at Roar Ambition know the ins and outs of fat burner and were more than happy to send over a workout plan and answer all questions. Evlution Nutrition not so much.

The Bottom Line:

You may not have heard of Roar Ambition. That’s probably because they are a specialist company that sells direct from their website and not a company creating weak products for the masses. 

Instant Knockout vs Trans4orm Which Should you buy?

The winner, for us, is pretty clear cut when it comes to Instant Knockout vs Trans4orm fat burners.

In terms of ingredients used, dosing structure, brand reputation and effects we’d have to pick Instant Knockout.

Sure the cost is a little more than Trans4orm, but this is a premium fat burner manufactured in cGMP approved facilities.

The dosing structure is nailed on and there isn’t an ingredient in it that’s been under dosed, which is the main problem in Trans4orm.

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