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Instant Knockout vs Ripped Freak

Ripped Freak is a supplement that claims to increase epinephrine levels and burn fat while maximizing your muscle strength.

As always, we are here to test these claims and will be breaking down the facts behind this product. This comparison with the reigning champion Instant Knockout will show us just how good Ripped Freak really is!

Instant Knockout vs Ripped Freak Review

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Roar Ambition – Instant Knockout

As you probably know, Instant Knockout is produced by Roar Ambition. They are a very popular, celebrity-backed brand who have a lot of sway and influence in this field. They are well known for using safe, using natural and drug-free ingredients, and providing amazing results in short amounts of time.

PharmaFreak – Ripped Freak

Ripped Freak is created by PharmaFreak, a somewhat well-known brand within this niche. They do also have a number of other products available, with Ripped Freak being the fastest horse in their stable.

Bottom Line: Both are reputable companies, so it’s a tie.

Instant Knockout: 1

Ripped Freak: 1


Proprietary blends

You always want to avoid proprietary blends, they aren’t usually used unless something shady is up. Instant Knockout is completely free of this. However Ripped Freak does list its ingredients as a proprietary blend, which is a real negative.

Bottom Line: Instant Knockout doesn’t use proprietary blends, so it takes the win here.

Instant Knockout: 2

Ripped Freak: 1


Instant Knockout comes with the option to have 120 capsules per container, which would last you a decent amount of time. Ripped Freak contains 60 capsules, which is half as much (obviously).

Bottom Line: Instant Knockout is taken 3-4 times a day, which we recommend. It’s an easy choice here.

Instant Knockout: 3

Ripped Freak: 1


Instant Knockout vs Ripped Freak Ingredients

Green Tea

It’s typical that green tea is involved, as it is in so many supplements. But for good reason, as it is a very effective booster of metabolisms and generates a big increase in fat burning, which

Green coffee bean extract

This thermogenic ingredient works by heating up your body, naturally increasing the amount of excess fat that your body burns off. It is similar to Green tea extract in that regard.is always good.

Bottom Line: Both products have some great ingredients, with them being healthy and effective and cutting fat. This is a tie.

Instant Knockout: 4

Ripped Freak: 2


Instant KnockoutInstant Knockout

Glucomannan: This ingredient is a fiber that will expand in your stomach once you eat it. This will help you feel fuller, and make you less likely to end up eating junk because you succumbed to your cravings.

Cayenne Pepper: This ingredient is really good at heating up your body and burning off excess, unhealthy fat. Also, you absorb a lot less sugar, which will help you keep off the pounds even when you do eat badly.

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Ripped FreakInstant Knockout vs Ripped Freak 2

Raspberry Ketone: Raspberry Ketone is known to increase your metabolism and increase the amount of excess that is burnt off.

Bottom Line: While both have good ingredients, Instant Knockout takes the victory here for their healthier and more reliable ingredients.

Instant Knockout: 5

Ripped Freak: 2


Instant Knockout is completely free of any side effects.

Ripped Freak also apparently hasn’t got any significant side effects either.

Bottom Line: Both are free of significantly negative side effects, so it’s another tie.

Instant Knockout: 6

Ripped Freak: 3


Instant Knockout Pros:

  • Very high-quality ingredients, that are safe and well documented.
  • Zero negative side effects.

Ripped Freak Pros:

  • Is the cheaper product of the two.
  • Has some great natural ingredients, which you often don’t find in most supplements.

Instant Knockout Cons:

  • A little pricey, even though it’s high quality.
  • Not many places you can get it, only through the company’s website.

Ripped Freak Cons:

  • Hasn’t got the strong reputation and reliability Instant Knockout has.
  • Lists ingredients as a proprietary blend, which might indicate they have something to hide.

CONCLUSION – Instant Knockout vs Ripped Freak

They are both very good products, but based on the information we have to say that Instant Knockout keeps its throne as the best fat burning supplement out there. Ripped Freak was a worthy challenger, but a few issues mean it falls short of challenging.


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