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Instant Knockout vs OxyElite

OxyElite is a burgeoning supplement brand that is beginning to make a real impact in the fitness scene, despite having a less than clean past.

Today we are going to break down once and for all if it’s really all that amazing by putting it up against the reigning champion of dietary supplements, Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout vs OxyElite Review

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Roar Ambition – Instant Knockout

Roar Ambition is the company behind the famous Instant Knockout, and are a very well-known brand in the field of fitness. A lot of celebrities can be seen associating with the brand and using its products. They are famous for using 100% natural ingredients in their products.

USP Labs – OxyElite

USP Labs is an online store that manufactures and sells their own dietary supplements. They have quite a decent user base and do sell a variety of fitness related products. However they have been hit with a lot of scrutiny and even sued because of a user suffering horrible side effects from their products, some people even allegedly dying because they used their products.

Bottom Line: Instant Knockout comes from Roar Ambition, a very popular brand. USPLabs have a shaky history. Easy win for Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout: 1

OxyElite: 0


Proprietary blends

Proprietary blends are blends that are able to hide the real dosage of the ingredients used. Usually done by shady creators, which is why it raises an eyebrow. Instant Knockout is free of this, but OxyElite does have a proprietary blend.

Bottom Line: Instant Knockout takes the win here.

Instant Knockout: 2

OxyElite: 0


Instant Knockout provides 30 servings per container while OxyElite also provides 30 servings per container. OxyElite has 90 capsules per container while Instant Knockout has 120. We recommend 3-4 servings per day, which is what Instant Knockout provides.

Bottom Line: Instant Knockout is the better choice here.

Instant Knockout: 3

OxyElite: 0


Instant Knockout vs OxyElite Ingredients


This ingredient increases your focus and leaves you more alert and ready. It can also give you a short energy boost to aid your workouts.

Bottom Line: Ingredients are healthy and effective and cutting fat. This is a tie.

Instant Knockout: 4

OxyElite: 1


Instant KnockoutInstant Knockout

Glucomannan: This in ingredient works by expanding once it hits your stomach. It’s a fiber that will leave you fuller for longer and will actively work to push away cravings that could damage your diet.

Cayenne Pepper: This pepper is hot in more ways than one. It heats up the body and burns off fat. Sugar will also be absorbed by your body at a lower rate, allowing you to feel less negative impacts from eating outside your diet.

Green Tea: A staple in most fitness supplements, green tea works to improve your metabolism allowing you to burn off more excess fat. Its widespread use in supplements is in part due to the great reputation it has among experts.

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OxyEliteInstant Knockout vs OxyElite 2

Dimethylamylamine: This ingredient, also known as DMAA is the main active ingredient used in this supplement. It gives the user an increased sense of focus which leads to better work out intensity and high adrenaline levels. It is important to note that this ingredient has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny in recent times, with many experts claiming it can have very serious side effects.

Bottom Line: Instant Knockout takes the win here. The worry about DMAA and its effects is enough to push us towards the safe and reliable side of Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout: 5

OxyElite: 1


Instant Knockout is completely free of any side effects.

On the other hand, there are many dangerous side effects that have been linked to OxyElite. These include hearts problems such as irregular heartbeats and even heart attacks. Hypothermia, elevated blood pressure, stroke, kidney failure and liver failure are also possible side effects.

Bottom Line: Instant Knockout is side effect free, while OxyElite comes with many dangerous side effects. The choice here is easy.

Instant Knockout: 6

OxyElite: 1


Instant Knockout Pros:

  • Its ingredients are very safe, very effective and very healthy.
  • There are no side effects to speak of.

OxyElite Pros:

  • Is effective, for what it’s worth.
  • You get a lot of servings in each container.

Instant Knockout Cons:

  • There prices could be a little on the high side.
  • You can’t pick it up in stores, purchase has to be through their site.

OxyElite Cons:

  • Very dangerous potential side effects.
  • Under serious investigation after multiple deaths have been linked to the supplement.

CONCLUSION – Instant Knockout vs OxyElite

In conclusion, the choice is very easy. OxyElite’s very dangerous history means it’s one you should definitely stay away. Instant Knockout is a lot higher quality and most importantly, much safer. The winner is clear.


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