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Instant Knockout vs Cellucor Super HD

For our Instant Knockout vs cellucor review, we will be looking into Roar Ambition’s Instant Knockout and Cellucor’s Super HD.

Both are popular fat burners that promise to promote the same effects.

Is one better than the other?

Well, read on to find out…

instant knockout vs cellucor review


Roar Ambition – Instant Knockout

Roar Ambition is a premium supplement company that markets different kinds of supplements. The one that we will be looking into today is the Instant Knockout. This fat burner is highly-rated and the company claims that it was created for Professional MMA fighters and boxers.

Cellucor – Super HD

As for the Super HD, the company that produces it is called Cellucor. It has a stack of different supplements as well, all of which seem fairly high-rated.

Bottom Line: Although there might be slight differences in branding appeal, both companies seem trustworthy and well-reviewed. As such, this round ends in a draw.

Instant Knockout: 1
Cellucor Super HD: 1


Ultimately, there are big differences in the way these two supplements were formulated. These differences greatly affect how they work.

Proprietary Blend

A lot of supplement companies use proprietary blends to hide the true effectiveness of their ingredients. This is not something that we like to see in the supplements we use.

Bottom Line: The Instant Knockout is honest about all the ingredients that it uses. However, the same cannot be said about the Cellucor Super HD. The Cellucor uses a blend that hides the doses of some of their ingredients

Instant Knockout: 2
Cellucor Super HD: 1


When it comes to servings, we usually recommend 3-4 servings throughout the day. This ensures a 24/7 fat burn.

Bottom Line: The Instant Knockout has the full 4 capsules per day. However, the Cellucor only recommends 2 capsules per day.

Instant Knockout: 3
Cellucor Super HD: 1


There is only one ingredient that the two supplements have in common.

instant knockout vs cellucor ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a stimulant that ensures that you are getting the most out of your workouts (1.) It makes sense that both supplements use this in their formula. The clinical dose is 300mg, which the Instant Knockout has. The Cellucor Super HD uses a dose of 320mg, which is higher than recommended.

Bottom Line: Caffeine in large doses can cause side-effects.

Instant Knockout: 4

Cellucor Super HD: 1


Next, let’s look at some of the ingredients that they don’t have in common.instant knockout vs cellucor


This ingredient is used to suppress your appetite. It’s made out of a fiber that expands in your stomach and keeps you full.

Cayenne Pepper

This burns up fat by keeping your body from absorbing sugar (2.)

Green Tea

Green Tea is an ingredient that we like to see in the Fat Burner supplements that we use. It helps boost your metabolism, ultimately helping you lose fat (3).

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Cellucor Super HD

instant knockout vs cellucor review 1


A nootropic ingredient that helps you feel less stressed and remember more (4.)

Huperzine A

Another nootropic ingredient, one that helps with memory (5.) It should be said, that this particular ingredient comes with some side-effects.

Bottom Line: The Instant Knockout uses actual fat burning ingredients that work. The same cannot be said for the Cellucor Super HD.

Instant Knockout: 5
Cellucor Super HD: 1


Although both supplements use natural ingredients that shouldn’t be harmful chemical wise, there are ingredients that might cause some problems. Caffeine, for example, might cause jitters and energy crashes when taken in too high of a dose- which the Cellucor has.

Bottom Line: The Instant Knockout makes sure that their ingredients are clinically dosed, making them both effective and safe.

Instant Knockout: 6
Cellucor Super HD: 1


Instant Knockout Pros:

  • Stimulates Energy – Caffeine
  • Clinically dosed fat burning ingredients
  • Side-effect FREE

Cellucor Super HD Pros:

  • Stimulates Energy – Caffeine
  • CHEAP – $29.99 (1 bottle)

Instant Knockout Cons:

  • Premium-Priced – $59.00 (1 bottle) & $185.00 (3 bottles PLUS 1 free)
  • Purchase from their official website

Cellucor Super HD Cons:

  • Might cause potentially risky side-effects
  • Missing key fat burning ingredients


Although both are popular fat burning supplements, there are differences that set the two far apart.

Ultimately, the Cellucor was lacking in fat burning ingredients.BUT it also made a mistake by using a proprietary blend and suggesting a daily dose of only 2 capsules.

In conclusion, the winner is…?


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