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Why is Instant Knockout What Fat Burner’s #1 Fat Burner 2017

Instant Knockout fat burner has taken our #1 position as the best fat burner of 2017 as you can see in our post about the top 3 fat burners. But as always, reviews and customer ratings only matter so much (they can be manipulated). So, in our unbiased opinion, here’s our explanation on Why is Instant Knockout What Fat Burner’s #1 Fat Burner 2017:

  • Value for Money: Sure the Instant Knockout doesn’t come cheap, but the quantity and effectiveness more than makes up for it. One bottle of the instant knockout and you’re set for the rest of the month, and maybe a bit more than that if you limit your dosage to 2-3 pills every day instead of 4. In fact, when you compare it to other fat burners.
  • Effectiveness: Almost every fat burner you’ve ever head of will claim that they are the best and the most effective fat burner out there, so what makes the Instant Knockout any different? Well, not only our review of the Instant Knockout but many others has mentioned that it’s effective but many, many others can testify for its authenticity. It’s usage of all-natural ingredients like green tea extracts and cayenne pepper allow you to burn fat in more ways than one.
  • Side effects: While we have our own post that mentions the different side effects you could be affected with when having the fat burner, we have mentioned it that those side effects are the result of a worst case scenario where the person has either had a very abnormal dose of the pills or has a condition that doesn’t go to well with the fat burner. So, if you have consulted your doc and can if they give you the thumbs up, you’re peachy.
  • Multiple Effects: While most fat burners concentrate on a single way of burning fat (for eg: appetite suppressant, thermogenesis, etc), Instant Knockout incorporates a lot of them in a single formula to increase its effectiveness even for those who are resistant to certain types of fat-burning processes. While green tea extracts contain catechins to speed up metabolism, cayenne pepper increases body temperature and caffeine increases energy so you burn more fat during cardio and other workouts. All of these effects can even stack for a really great fat-burning effect.
  • Ingredients: Of course, any effective fat burner is backed up by a very effective list of ingredients, and Instant Knockout is no exception to this. Not only does it have a ton of effective ingredients, most, if not all of them are completely natural and poses no harm to your body. Some good examples are cayenne pepper and green tea extracts but it does contain stimulants like caffeine, which can either be good or bad for you depending on how your body manages it. Most of these ingredients are pretty high quality as well. Glucomannan is a good example of this. While most fat burners don’t include it because of it’s relatively high cost, Instant knockout has a good amount of the polysaccharide in it.


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