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Instant Knockout Dose

The Instant Knockout Fat Burner, as you may know by now, is one of our top choices for losing weight easily with minimal to no side effects. However, we did discuss it’s side effects and have made it clear that those arrive if you’re either suffering from a certain condition, or did not consume it in a proper dosage. Today we’ll be taking a look at it’s dosage in particular. So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

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Instant Knockout’s Recommended Dosage

On instant knockout’s own website, you can see that they recommend taking four capsules every day:

  • One during 8 am
  • One during 11 am
  • One during 2 pm
  • One during 5 pm

While this means that you’ll run out of the 120 capsules in the bottle in a month, we also strongly suggest against it. While they claim that it’s useful because “By taking four equal doses through-out the main part of the day, you’re burning fat for a longer period of time and you’re absorbing all of each dose.”, we suggest you our own recommended dose below.

Instant Knockout Dose

WhatFatBurner’s Recommended Dose of Instant Knockout Fat Burner

Instant knockout fat burner is definitely effective and we present no arguments to it but, having as many as four pills in a day is just too much caffeine, green tea extracts, cayenne pepper and other ingredients than your body might initially be able to handle. Note that we mention ‘initially’ because if you haven’t been taking fat burner pills before, these can get overwhelming until your body gets used to it after which you can go for better doses.

Taking large doses instead of a gradually increasing may not be harmful per se, but you might experience temporary side effects like jitters from too much caffeine. So, with that in mind, we recommend the following dosage for Instant Knockout Fat Burner:

Week 1

  • One pill during 8 am every day
  • One pill during 11 am every day
  • One pill during 2 pm every day

Week 2

  • One pill during 8 am every day
  • One pill during 11 am every day
  • One pill during 2 pm every day

Week 3

  • One pill during 8 am every day
  • One pill during 11 am every day
  • One pill during 2 pm every day

Week 4

  • In your fourth or fifth week you can follow the recommended dosage by Instant Knockout which is 4 pills a day.

So, as it is clear by now, we recommend stepping up your dose gradually every week so your body is accustomed to the kind of ingredients you’ll be giving your body and hence get the desired effect without getting overwhelmed. Of course this goes without saying that if you’ve been taking any kind of fat burning supplements in the past, you can pretty much use the recommended dosage directly when you switch to Instant Knockout.

A Word Of Caution

We’re a broken record by now for saying this but we still don’t care because it’s very important: DO NOT take these pills without consulting a nutritionist or your family doc to see if you’ll experience any side effects or if our dosage will work for you. Every body is different and will react differently to not only Instant Knockout but any other dosage of any fat burning supplement out there.


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