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Inner Armour Shred Factor Capsules Review

Have you got the shred FACTOR? Maybe not. I don’t that’s why I rely on a solid fat burner to help me lose weight. In this Inner Armour Shred Factor Capsules Review we can find out if you’ll be doing the same with this supplement.

The product looks premium, coming from trusted and established supplements company Inner Armour.

It uses a blend of natural fat burning ingredients, which is a big plus and something you NEED to cut weight safely and effectively. (You don’t want the llbs creeping back on after you’ve worked so hard).

Inner Armour Shred Factor Capsules Core Ingredients

There’s some solid ingredients in each capsule of this fat burner. The problem is with the dose. Whilst majority of the ingredients would normally aid you in losing weight, it seems they are under dosed for the most part in Shred Factor. Quite frustrating and disappointing.

Let’s take a look at each of the major ingredients:

Green Tea 50mg

Green tea is a reliable and proven fat burning ingredient. It aids the breakdown of fatty acids in the liver. Meaning that the right dose of it can literally keep you burning fat through the day.

This product is massively under dosed though as for optimized results, you need upwards of 150mg evenly spaced in your day.

Raspberry Ketones 100mg

NO! Supplement companies need to stop with this. This is the least effective ingredient on the market for burning fat, it’s just the product of some clever marketing. Avoid.

Caffeine 200mg

A nice hit of caffeine is a great way to burn excess fat. It increases your metabolism and also provides you with energy and focus whilst you are losing weight.

200mg is a good dose and should keep working through the day provided it’s evenly spaced across 3+ capsules.

Cayenne 50mg

Helps get your body burning extra energy to fight the spicy fire within. Literally burn calories through the day with a decent dose of cayenne. You should get some reasonable results from 50mg of this well known spice.

Green Coffee Bean 200mg

Good to see, as green coffee bean can help regulate insulin levels and fight stored fat.

200mg is a nice chunky dose, it’d be good to see some Chromium in this supplement too, attacking your fat storage switch from all angles.

L-Carnitine 125mg

Helps with converting fat to energy. To get the most from L-Carnitine you generally could do with a 500mg dose and be exercising quite heavily.

It’s good to have in a fat burner, but just needs a bigger dose for Shred Factor to make it work!

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Inner Armour Shred Factor Capsules Dose

2 capsules per day. This isn’t really enough, especically given that so many crucial ingredients are dosed on the low side.

You could try and take 3 capsules per day to get some better results, but ultimate you’d only really start feeling the effects of anything other than the caffeine after the 3rd capsule.

90 capsules for this price would make more sense. I got my results with 120 capsules, as it kept me focused and working hard.

Inner Armour Shred Factor Capsules Side Effects

There is quite a high amount of caffeine in this product. So just be aware of that.

2 capsules at 100mg each is a lot of caffeine in short space of time. This may leave you prone to crashes, something that a better dosing structure would’ve avoided.

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Inner Armour Shred Factor Capsules Review Conclusion

We did like this product and you would get some slight results. Problem is it’s quite heavily under dosed on the key fat burning compontents.

Some ingredients are proven NOT to work too, which is just a waste of your hard work and money.

This will help you cut down, but if you are really serious about shedding that weight, we’d recommend looking for something stronger, but just as natural.

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