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How to increase metabolism quickly

When it comes to losing weight, metabolism plays an important factor and is something that should not be pushed aside. Some of it lies in genetics – people can be born and or grow up to have high metabolism, which allows them to lose weight a lot easier than other people.

Other factors that might affect an individual’s metabolic rates include their diet, level of fitness, medical conditions, etc. Which means that people don’t necessarily have to be born with high metabolism in order to have it. If you’re looking to have some control over your metabolic rates – with the purpose to lose weight, consider making changes in your day to day life. Even the little things can go a long way.


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1. Increasing your Protein Intake

There’s a lot of talk surrounding the appeal of a high-protein diet – when it comes to its effects on metabolism. Several studies have been done regarding this particular subject matter. For example, this study, had positive results for weight loss – in obese individuals.

This study also remembers to mention that there are cons to doing to this as well. For example, you’re going to have to invest in lean proteins – because meat products tend to be highly saturated in fat as well not just protein. The key to this diet, is making sure you’re getting your protein from a healthy and low-calorie source: like beans, legumes, egg whites, etc.

2. Drink Water

It’s so common for people to indulge in soft drinks and other sugary beverages. Cutting back on these kind of drinks and changing over to water would make for such a big change. One that can be implemented quickly and can make an honest change.

Of course, there have been studies proving the possible effects of water in regards to metabolic rates. Changing over to water “… induced thermogenesis in weight reduction of overweight subjects.”

3. Include HIIT Training to your fitness routines

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of exercise that involves high intensity intervals that are switched off with moderate-intensity intervals. Switching between the two has been shown to promote more fat burn than regular cardio or high-intensity workout.

4. Increase Caffeine Intake

There’s a reason why caffeine can be found in most fat burner / pre workout supplements. Caffeine has been said to not only boost performance levels, but certain studies have also connected it to metabolism.

The results thus far have been positive. Although it should be noted that more significant results were found in non-obese individuals. Caffeine has also been known to induce a mild-dependency, one that can lower the effects of it over time – making it more of a short-term solution.  You can consume caffeine through: tea, coffee, supplements, etc.

5. Rest

In the end, all it might come down to is how much time you’re giving your body to recuperate. Sleep is important, and high-cortisol (stress) levels has been shown to affect a person’s weight negatively. Which makes it all the more important that people get the amount of rest. Try not to stress too much about what you can’t achieve right at this moment, and focus more on what you’re hoping to achieve for the future.


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