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Iforce Nutrition Raspberry Ketones Review

Sometimes, a formula needn’t have dozens of different ingredients to be able to prove it’s effectiveness. The Iforce Nutrition Raspberry Ketones, only uses one main ingredient and it promises to produce fat burning effects with the use of said one ingredient.

The recommended dosage is 1-2 times a day, although the max that one can take per day is 4 capsules. A lot of people who are new to the ingredient might prefer taking the lower dosage, but being able to take the pill at least 4 times a day should boost its effectiveness.

Of course, that’s only true if the main ingredient – Raspberry Ketones, can actually prove to be able to provide the fat burning effects that the Iforce Nutrition supplement promises.

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As previously mentioned, there is only one main ingredient in the making of the iForce Nutrition supplement. That ingredient is Raspberry Ketones, which is something you might have seen used in other fat burner supplements that are out in the market. .

It’s a popular ingredient, to be sure, although just because it’s used in a lot of other fat burner supplements – doesn’t mean that it’s effective. It’s effectiveness depends on the properties of the ingredient itself, not what other people think it can do.

Raspberry Ketones in Fat Burner Supplements

Raspberry Ketones, is an ingredient that is known to have similar effects to capsaicin and synephrine. Both ingredients are used as thermogenics – meaning they promote a ‘heat’ in your body that will force it to burn more fat.

So why would you choose Raspberry Ketones as an alternative? Well, synephrine and capsaicin have their own shares of troubles. For example, synephrine has shown effectiveness as a fat burner. However, it also comes with side-effects, like a dangerous boost in heart-rate – even to healthy adults.

Synephrine has also been banned for use in some areas, in many of its various forms. As for Capsaicin, it has been known to promote the thermogenic effects that it promises. However, it also comes with it’s own side-effects, like an uncomfortable burning in the throat once it is consumed.

When you consider these facts, it’s no wonder people decided to turn to raspberry Ketones as the best alternative.

The Science Behind Raspberry Ketones

There is a belief that the structure of the raspberry ketone is what allows it to promote fat burning effects. In truth, there is a lot of research that still needs to be conducted before this can be said as a fact.

There had been studies done previously, but those were ‘in vitro.’ Which just means that the experiments were conducted in a test tube – rather than actual human. These studies had actually resulted in significant changes. Which were definitely worth looking into.

However, these single-cell studies cannot actually be used to prove the effectiveness of the ingredient on the human body.


As mentioned, the research that had been done concerning the use of raspberry ketones are quite limited. Which leads to the conclusion, that no, supplementing raspberry ketones might not be as effective as the promised claim of the iForce Nutrition fat burner supplement.

The research was done on a fat cell, which created an environment that allowed for the boosting of the dosage that was required. The concentrations used in this research were so high that it cannot be honestly replicated in fat burner supplements like iForce Nutrition.

There were studies conducted on rats as well, and if you consider the differences between the two, the recommended dosage for a human would add up to around “…80-340mg/kg.”

Recommended Dosage

It was mentioned in the beginning that iForce recommends around 1-2 capsules per day. Which at 125 milligrams (of raspberry ketones) per capsule, will add up to around 250 milligrams all together. Now, suppose you disregard iForce Nutrition’s recommendation, and take the maximum 4 pills per day – that will equal to around 500 milligrams (of raspberry ketones) per day.

If you use the formula mentioned above (80-340mg/kg), a person that weighs 150 lbs will need to consume around 870 – 3,700 milligrams. Anything lower has not proven to result in any positive way. Which further debunks iForce Nutrition’s claims.

iForce also claims to use highly-concentrated raspberry ketones. However, “…raspberry ketones cannot be concentrated in the human body the same way they are concentrated during studies done outside the body, on single cells.”

Where to buy iForce Nutrition?

This supplement can be purchased here. It’s priced at around 17.59 US Dollars, which is actually a lot cheaper than most fat burner supplements out in the market.

With 90 capsules per container, and a recommended dose of 1-2 pills per day, this should last you around 45-90 days. Although, taking the maximum amount of 4 pills per day, will shorten that time period to around 20 days.

Does it Work?

Studies have not actually shown any significant results when iForce Nutrition is ingested orally by humans. This might be due to our inability to replicate the high concentrations that researchers had used in rodents and single cells. Because of that, until human experiments can show positive results, nothing can be confirmed.

Iforce Nutrition Raspberry Ketones Review Conclusion

This leads us to our conclusion. Is the iForce Nutrition supplement something that I would recommend? The answer would be no. Hence the bad rating. Until proper human studies can be conducted, this opinion will remain.

It should be noted that the use of only one ingredient might have proven to be the downfall of the effectiveness of iForce Nutrition. If paired with other ingredients, this might have changed. Despite that, I would probably still not be able to recommended this so easily knowing the lack of studies involving raspberry ketones.

However, if you do want a proper recommendation. You can read our Top 3 Fat Burners review. This review has everything you need to know about the most popular fat burners in the market.

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