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IDLife Lean Fat Burner Review

Getting Lean takes a bit of dedication and hard work. But luckily, with the right fat burner it becomes a whole lot easier and you can get that six pack showing much quicker.

IDLife are a fairly big company, with a range of natural products and supplements. Their fat burner Lean, looks like a solid product and feels like it’s premium.

But how will the ingredients stack up and will it be able to make it into our top 3?

Lean is a product that’s full of amino acids, whilst this is ok for a fat burner, it’s short of what proven products do to allow increases in metabolism and appetite suppression.

Let’s take a look and see what’s in IDLife Lean…

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IDLife Lean Fat Burner Core Ingredients

Fat Burning Ingredients Index

The ingredients in Lean Fat Burner are a bunch of amino acids and one stimulant.

Whilst it’s hard to deny that amino acids do affect the body and can optimize energy use, they generally need to be supplemented at higher doses to get you real results.

You may see some results from the amino acids in this IDLife Lean. But realistically you’re going to get better results from our Top 3 products like MusclePharm Shred Sport or specialist fat burner Instant Knockout.


This amino acid helps the body more effective fuel muscles with proteins. This ensures you are using more protein as a source of energy.

In terms of fat burning, it’s fairly limited and won’t directly affect it, however you should still see some slight results from supplementation.


Leucine is another amino that is involved with the breakdown of proteins.

Generally people do lose weight when supplementing it, but this is due to an increased protein intake in their diet. This means they feel fuller and so eat less, with the leucine supporting muscle growth.

Having an increased amount of muscle will help with fat burning in the long run too.


Valine is another amino acid that works in a similar way to L-Glutamine. However it’s the least important of all 3 of those BCAA’s as there are no known unique benefits attached with it.


L-Arginine is converted to L-Citrulline in the liver, which increases nitric oxide levels in the blood.

This ensures a quicker and faster nutrient delivery to the muscles when exercises and also helps make the most of foods.

There is evidence to indicate that supplementing L-Arginine orally has now benefits however, as it’s broken down too fast in the stomach.


L- Tyrosine is important for neuromuscular function. It has been shown to effect mood, satiety, stress response, mental function, and even sex drive.
It is a non-essential amino acid which is synthesised within the body from the amino acid phenylalanine.
It also has a major role in producing melanin in the body and this is imperative for defending the body against ultraviolet light.
As another amino acid, L-Tyrosine benefits from higher doses. (500mg+)

IDLife Lean Fat Burner Side Effects

You shouldn’t really get any side effects from this product.

In fact if you are training you should get some reasonable results from the amino acids.

Whilst training hard may get you some results, it won’t give you the fat burning edge through the day like you can expect from other fat burning products.

We prefer to get our Amino Acids from BCAA’s and use a fat burner to ensure fat loss results.

IDLife Lean Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a decent product as a way to supplement amino acids. But it is not a fat burner.

If you want a fat burner you need something that is going to full activate your metabolism and also help more with glucose regulation.

We’re sure IDLife Lean will see you improving your performance in the gym, but it’s not going to add much for day to day fat burning.

Mood and energy should also be a focus of any fat burner as should something that makes you feel fuller for longer. This product is way behind what’s required to seriously burn fat. We’d recommend checking out our top 3 for a products, like MusclePharm’s Shred Sport and Instant Knockout that will get you real results.

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