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Hyper Strength Hyper Shred Fat Burner Review

Hyper Strength Hyper Shred Fat Burner Review

This supplement hails from the UK. Containing some of the the more well known fat burners, and at a fairly affordable price, we thought we’d check out the contents of it.


The product itself looks a little busy and feels fairly flimsy, obviously it’s not all about the packaging but we could easily imagine this getting crushed in your gym bag. Which would leave an annoying powdery mess. (Long shot we know!) Anyway. NEXT.


From looking at this we think that they’ve clearly gone for a metabolism boosting effect, which they have. However, if you are actually serious about cutting weight you need to be giving yourself a much needed boost of energy, but also something that will support your diet. Most of the top end fat burners provide these 3 main effects. Anyway, lets take a closer look at the ingredients inside Hyper Strength Hyper Shred Fat Burner.

Citrus Aurantium Extracthyper-strength-ingredients

Not to start on a bad foot, but there is very little scientific evidence supporting this ingredient, or ‘Bitter Orange Peel’ as it’s more commonly known as as a weight loss supplement. It found fame through clever marketing, and what’s more alarming is that this substance is actually very close to ephedrine, which is banned by the FDA. If you are going to buy, be careful, as there are some reported side effects and harmful interactions associated with this ingredient.

Kola Nut

This African nut is used in supplements to create a feeling of fullness and supposedly aid cognitive function. There is also an element of Kola Nut that will serve the body as energy providing caffeine. While we can appreciate there may be some value in including this ingredient in this fat loss supplement, it is very dangerous when taken with ephedrine. As such we can’t recommend this is a good idea, as there are chemical similarities between ephedrine and  citrus aurantium. BE CAREFUL.

White Willow Bark

Again, after research, we have found this ingredient to be dangerous in it’s potential interaction with citrus aurantium. There has been little actual evidence to suggest that white willow bark can be used as a weight loss agent in the first place, so adding it to this supplement seems like it may carry even more risk than needed. Buy a supplement with tried and tested ingredients!


This works by increasing the bodies metabolism. It’s good to see cayenne in here, as it’s widely considered safe and proven effective by various studies. Cayenne allows the body to burn through stored fat and eat through calories. It can also aid with a feeling off fullness. The amount of cayenne in this supplement seems about right too!

Ginger Root

This is a bit like snake oil, ginger has been used for many years for a wide variety of uses. However it’s presence in fat burning supplements is completely untested. It does taste good in food though? It may also make you feel slightly satisfied, which is a small positive. But you are better off looking for a set of tested and proven fat burning ingredients.


The dosing of ingredients seems about right in this supplement, according to the small number of studies we could find. The problem lies with the interaction between ingredients and the lack of basic vitamins and anti oxidants present. If we were to buy this supplement we’d probably try taking one capsule over 24 hours as a test to ensure there was no intense crashes or jitters from the risky ingredients interacting.


We found this supplement for £18.00. This is fairly expensive and not worth it due to the amount of risk it carries. For us anyway. If you are going to buy a fat burner, look for something with saferhyper-strength-hyper-shred-score and proven ingredients and it is worth paying for a premium product. Cheap supplements can often cause problems.


This supplement is a no go for anyone serious about cutting weight. For a little more you can get a supplement that has proven and effective fat burning ingredients. One thing to point out also is the level of support available online, we couldn’t really find any blog or customer service to aid us with our weight cut. Remember, buy natural, buy premium and you will get good results. You can check our current number #1 fat burner here.


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