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Hydroxycut Slay Review

“Slay” is a term popularized in today’s generation to describe a situation where you look your utmost best! Our Hydroxycut Slay Review will be breaking down all there is to know about this new up and comer. Will it prove to be as popular as the slang that they used for its name?

Well, that would really depend on the kind of benefits that they have to offer! Straight up, we do see some innovative moves on their part. Like the choice of using “mini” pills rather than the regular capsules that we see used for most of today’s fat burning products.

It’s a good marketing strategy by Hydroxycut, that’s for sure! After all, some people find it really hard to swallow 3-4 pills per day (which is the usual recommended amount for a fat burner.)

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Choosing mini pills will appeal to the group of people that want something that is a little easier on the throat. Of course, an innovative form of pill-taking or not, there is a downside to this particular choice. We’ll cover that part a bit later.

For now, let’s get straight into the nit-and-grit of our Hydrocut Slay Review! That is, the breakdown of its ingredients!

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Hydroxycut Slay Ingredients

There isn’t much that the Hydroxycut Slay differs from when it comes to your regular run-of-the-mill fat burner! Much like most, it’s promising to provide a boost in your metabolic rate to help promote fat loss. It adds on to that by promising to boost your energy and focus as well!

Now, we have run into a couple of Hydroxycut’s products in the past. However, those mostly ended in a disappointment. Their new “Slay” formula could definitely be their stepping stone towards bigger and better stuff.

We do see Caffeine being used here (a staple for most fat burning products.) BUT the rest of the ingredients they’ve chosen are a little less promising. For the most part, most of these ingredients are either unproven or wholly ineffective.

We’ll be talking more about these ingredients individually as we proceed with our promised breakdown!

Hydroxycut Slay Review

Caffeine Anhydrous

Their first ‘big’ ingredient in this formula is Caffeine Anhydrous. Which, as far as research goes, is as good as gold! Especially when it comes to boosting one’s energy levels. It’s certain to get you up and running and has been shown to provide a slim metabolic boost too (for people who are healthy and fit!)

The only drawback with this ingredient, are its side-effects. There’s enough Caffeine in here to promote such side-effects. Especially for people who are sensitive to caffeine or does not drink caffeine regularly.

Robusta Coffee (bean)

Although this is technically an ingredient that includes Caffeine, these are more often used for its abilities to regulate insulin levels. Now, despite the fact that those benefits are still in their preliminary stages (as far as research goes.)

You can still enjoy the benefits of added caffeine. Of course, that’s a double-edged sword in its own right. This makes it two-for-two and adds even more caffeine content to the already large number in the previous ingredient.

Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise has been receiving a lot of shine lately! It’s being considered a thermogenic ingredient (much like Cayenne Pepper.) There are preliminary studies that have shown that it could be an effective alternative.

However, there are issues with the relevant research and nothing can be confirmed at this time. It would have definitely received better standing if more research was conducted on the subject!

Flowering Quince

This is a bit of an odd choice when it comes to ingredients. First of all, it is not a fat burner. There are studies that suggest that it could be a good nootropic ingredient. However, much like the ingredient mentioned above, the results are not conclusive.

It should benefit in more research. I see where Hydroxycut was aiming with this ingredient. What with their promise of promoting better focus. BUT, if they really wanted to put a nootropic ingredient inside of a fat burner… They should have chosen a better one.

Wakame Extract

Once more, we get a bit of an oddball ingredient. However, unlike the previous, this is something is said to promote fat burning benefits. Particularly, in areas around the abdomen! Unfortunately, much like the rest of the ingredients listed here, these are still under preliminary research. As such, we can’t be certain whether it is or isn’t effective.

Satsuma Orange Concentrate

Much like the previous ingredient, this Orange Concentrate is suspected of targeting the fat around one’s abdominal area. Unfortunately, this ingredient isn’t better than the last. The preliminary research for this particular ingredient stopped with rodents. It could definitely benefit in human trials before it can be proven to work here.


As a nootropic, Huperzine-A is known for its slow-acting cognitive enhancing benefits. Still, unlike the Flowering Quince, this does work. It just does it at a rate that is slower than most nootropics. Now, that doesn’t sound all that bad. However, its expected benefits come with its expected side-effects (as listed down below.)  

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Where to buy Hydroxycut Slay

Slay is one of Hydroxycut’s newest products. It’s exactly out yet. However, it’s bound to make its way into big online retail stores like Amazon and Bodybuilding.com some time soon!

As of now, the price is _____ unknown.

However, we do know that each container will have 60 capsules in all. With 3 capsules as its daily dosage, you can expect to use it for 20 days or so. The usual price for fat burners like that would be around $30 or less. Whilst a premium blend would cost over that much.

We do see something different here. What with the “micro” pill standard. However, that’s more likely to drive the price up than lessen it.  

Hydroxycut Slay Side effects

There are a couple of ingredients in this formula that can cause potential risk. These are:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous — The amount of Caffeine in this formula (including the caffeine-content in Robusta) is enough to cause some uncomfortable side-effects. This is especially true for people who are unused to taking caffeine. Such side-effects could include jitters, energy-crashes, and insomnia!
  • Huperzine A — A slow-acting nootropic that you expect to see benefits from after 1 month of use. However, long-term use of Huperzine-A has also been linked to a number of side-effects. These include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, cramps, blurred vision, and even high blood pressure!

Hydroxycut Slay Conclusion

In conclusion, the Hydroxycut Slay left a couple of things left to be desired. There’s just not enough in here for me to say that it’s a good fat burner. In fact, I’d be really hard-pressed to find anything about this formula that would suggest that.

Sure, they decided to take a step further by trying out a couple of innovative ingredients. However, unless those ingredients have a better standing ground, it is and will remain to be — ineffective. 

As it stands, the only thing you’re really getting here is the benefits of Caffeine and Huperzine A. Although, as we discussed, both of those ingredients are troublesome on their own right. Caffeine is knowing to cause side-effects when taken in too high of a dose. Whilst Huperzine A is known to cause side-effects after prolonged use.

All in all, there are many things about this formula that could have been improved. It’s definitely not at a high enough stage to rival the effects of the market’s current top fat burners. If you want to try out the top of the top, then check out our Top 3 Fat Burners list!

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