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Hiprolean X-S High Strength Fat Burner Review

Hiprolean X-S High Strength Fat Burner Review

X-S stands for extra strength. And we expect nothing from Hiprolean X-S High strength fat burner. In this review we will look at the key ingredients in this product. Is it effective? And, importantly, is it dosed right and also worth your money. This, from the price we found, looks like a premium supplement.


First glance this is a fairly poorly branded supplement. We like to have short section on package design and product looks as often, the higher branded products will actually have better looking design and packaging. Brands you can trust look good and we are sorry to say that the look of this product doesn’t give us too much faith. Anyway, lets take a look at the actual ingredients.



A good start. Caffeine, forms the base of any good fat burner. We know there are stim free ones at there, but these are generally more aimed at diet aids. For an effective fat burner you want something that’s going to be giving you as boost of energy. And, caffeine is a very good natural way of doing this. For a full day you want to be looking at around 300mg of caffeine, anything else can be a little overbearing and lead to jitters and crashes.hiprolean-xs-ingredients


This ingredient has been used for hundreds of years. Typically it’s now to help with immunity, however in recent years supplement companies are trying to market at as something that can aid with fatigue, meaning athletes can train longer. Big problem. In a study carried out, there was absolutely no proof that this ingredient is actually effective. The test was made after 7 days of supplementation, and the test subjects showed no improvement in performance whilst swimming.

Raspberry Ketones

If you have been buying or looking at supplements online, then you have most likely come across raspberry ketones. Our advice in this review, and in other reviews is simple. Don’t bother. This is a SCAM ingredient. This supplement was a by product of the perfume industry. It was cheap to produce, so became the subject of clever marketing that many people fell for. What’s worse is there is no understanding of long term effects of this and while some studies have shown it can slightly help with skin elasticity and hair loss, it’s use as a dietary aid does not exist. Sorry to slate it!


This is a type of seaweed. While it’s great to have another natural ingredient in this fat burner, the science isn’t on the side of this ingredient. While people have thought that supplementing bladderwrack can increase metabolism, there isn’t any proof of it. That’s not to say that a study won’t be funded in the future, however often with ingredients like this, studies just prove them to be another waste of time and money.


On the packet you are told to take 2 capsules daily with water, one before breakfast and one before lunch. This, for a supplement with 400mg of caffeine in, is absolutely crazy. As a result of ingesting that much, and having no tablet to take in the afternoon, you will be very prone to crashes. Look for supplements with 3-4 doses per day and caffiene of 350mg at most. Grenade Thermo detonator is a good alternative. Or our current number #1, Instant Knockout. 


£89.00 for two bottles or around $117. This is priced as a premium supplement. But, we are sorry to say a lot of the ingredients are ineffective. And proven ineffective. If you are going to invest in something premium, make sure it’s got a mix of proven ingredients, and also, a 90 day guarantee to ensure you are not wasting your money and time.


From the price tag we thought we were going to see this supplement in one of our top spots. But, with it’s unproven ingredients and insanely high dose of caffeine, we can’t praise it too much. We do like the way it’s natural though as that’s always great to see in a supplement. But, if you are planning on buying this, we 100% recommend Instant Knockout. More effective ingredients, better looking, better dosed AND if you take on 3 months, you get a 90 day guarantee. READ OUR INSTANT KNOCKOUT REVIEW HERE. 


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