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How fast should your heart beat to burn fat?

Fat burning is caused by a lot of factors both physical and physiological ones, the heart rate belonging to the latter type. Not only is an appropriate heart rate responsible for adequate weight loss but is rather important for many more critical functions in your body like taking the oxygen-deficient blood to convert it into oxygen-rich blood and then pumping this blood to every part of your body that needs it to survive like the intestine, the brain, the liver and more. Back to fat burning, though. Which is an adequate fat burning heart rate for you: Let’s find out

best fat burning heart rate

Your Current Heart Rate

First you’ll need to actually be able to measure your heart rate correctly if you want to deduce that you’re reaching your HR goals. While many smartphones and pocket devices offer measuring heart rate and are relatively cheap, they may not always be accurate.

The palpation (beats) of the Radial Pulse is accurately measured in your wrist in line with the base of your thumb. Place the tips of your index and middle fingers over the Radial Artery and apply a light pressure to it.

The most accurate way of calculating the beats of your radial pulse is to place the tips of the middle and index fingers on the radial artery that lies in your wrist in line with the base of your thumb. Apply a little bit of pressure on it and count the beats for a complete minute.

This is your normal HR when resting. It should usually be anywhere between 70-80 BPM (beats per minute).

Your maximum heart rate calculation is rather easy, as you only have subtract your age from 220 to figure that out.

Best Fat Burning Heart Rate

Now, onto answering the million dollar question – What is the best fat burning heart rate? Well, many studies and fitness enthusiasts suggest reaching 50 to 60% of your maximum heart rate and going for a higher number if you’re looking to burn even more calories or looking to increase your aerobic performance.

The simple truth and explanation is that in this case working out with a lower but steady heart rate over a longer period of time really helps as it burns off fat that is stored in your body. Trying the ‘go hard or go home’ will definitely help in other ways as it will burn a lot of calories but it might also burn off the recent deposits of sugar and carbs that you got from your last meal, leading to you feeling hungry after a workout.


Never Go In Headfirst

One of the worst parts about taking knowledge from the internet is that people just believe that it’s practically applicable to anyone, thus just going for it without consulting a doc before. So, it’s a no-brainer by now that we recommend asking your family doc if you should go for increasing your heart rate in order to burn fat given your condition.

What are your views on this so-called ‘fat-burning heart rate’? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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