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Haleo OnPoint Fat Burner Review

Haleo OnPoint is a fat burner that totes the use of a single ingredient called Irithin, to separate it from other supplements. This ingredient is said to help increase an exercise mimicking hormone.  The studies are lacking a little bit for this fat burning ingredient.

Irithin aside, can the other ingredients in Haleo OnPoint make it an effective fat burner? The cost means we hope so.

Haleo is very expensive even when compared to other premium fat burners. But it does look the part and is completely natural. Generally though the blend isn’t too exciting and it is a fairly under dosed fat burner on a few other levels.

Effects wise you should experience a slight increase in energy, but overall we doubt this supplement is going to incinerate your unwanted fat.

Let’s take a closer look anyway.

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Haleo OnPoint Fat Burner Ingredients

There’s some OnPoint ingredients in Haleo’s fat burner. Most featuring in all of our top 3 supplements.

Overall the blend should impact your metabolism which will cause you to burn away some unwanted fat. But where Haleo OnPoint falls slightly behind is with it’s doses of each ingredient.

Remember you need more than a quick boost to burn fat. You need a supplement that will keep your metabolism and energy levels high through the day.

You also need something that can reduce calorie intake. And there are no ingredients in Haleo OnPoint that can do this.


Green Coffee

Green coffee can help to stop your body storing extra fat by impacting insulin. This is a very effective and well studied ingredient. It also contains a bit of caffeine, which can help with energy levels too. Around 100mg is enough for Green Tea to have a positive effect on weight loss.

Green Tea

An essential fat burning herb. About 500mg of Green Tea can help break down fatty acids and also provide a big dose of energy and antioxidants. A good choice for anyone looking to lose weight.


Gives you energy if you are working out or in a calorie defecit. The added bonus of caffeine supplementation is it’ll boost your metabolism which will help you burn calories and fat through the day.


Capsimax will heat you up internally. By doing this your bodies response will be to cool down. It will need to burn energy to do this. This will keep you in a calorie defecit and force your body into fat burning mode. Provided they have the right dose.


Supposed to mimmick the effect of exercise. This will mean your body starts to burn away stored fat as it thinks it’s working harder than it is. The issue is the major lack of studies and the fact that Haleo OnPoint is the only product with this in. There are better guaranteed options for burning fat.

Haleo OnPoint Fat Burner Dose

The dose of Haleo is where it gets a little better. Despite having a weaker blend than top fat burners, it is split into 4 capsules per day.

This ensures that your body is kept filled up with the ingredients that go into Haleo. But even with the spread, you may experience some slight side effects.

Haleo OnPoint Fat Burner Side Effects

Side effects from Haleo OnPoint shouldn’t be severe. Instead they will be more centered around the high amount of stimulants that go into this fat burner.

If you’re not used to stimulants, or sensitive you could experience headaches, nausea and sickness.

Generally though, the ingredients are completely natural and researched. Them being under dosed will also have an impact on the amount of side effects you experience.

Where to buy Haleo OnPoint Fat Burner?

You can by Haleo OnPoint from Amazon. It costs around £30.00 however wasn’t in stock when we checked. This is reasonable value for a fat burner. Although the blend is a little on the weak side.

Haleo OnPoint Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Haleo OnPoint is a fat burner that uses small doses of tried and tested fat burning ingredients combined with their unique selling point, IriThin.

This ingredient hasn’t been proven to work and there is limited scientific evidence supporting it.

You will get some effects from Haleo OnPoint other ingredients though, a slight increase in metabolism and energy. But ultimately it doesn’t offer the complete package our top fat burners do.

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