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Grilla Burn Bullets Review

Grillia Burn Bullets are a natural fat burner supplement from Grilla Nutrition. This company focuses on a few specialist supplements and is based in the UK. Grilla Burn Bullets looks like they could be a fairly effective fat burner, as it uses quite a big blend of natural fat burning ingredients.

Burning fat requires serious focus and dedication. With the right fat burner things can get a lot easier. But with so many fake supplements on the market it’s hard to know what’ll get you shredded.

As fat burners go, Grillia burn bullets look the part.  But the serving of 2 capsules a day is a little small, when you compare it with other top line fat burners.

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Grilla Burn Bullets Ingredients

Ingredients in Grilla Burn Bullets are all natural and some are highly effective. Which is great to see. They have also decided that they will show the full amounts of each ingredients within the capsules. This means you can supplement this fat burner without worrying about what you are taking.

It’s good to see essential b vitamins propping up the rest of the formula, ensuring that you are getting the most from food as well as Burn Bullets.

There is a slight issue with the dosing though, as some of the ingredients might be effective at boosting your metabolism and burning away unwanted fat, they are also under dosed.

Low doses means slower results and less effects. Which can be very frustrating.

Grilla Burn Bullets Ingredients



An essential fat burning ingredient. Caffeine is present in every top level fat burner because it simply works. Caffeine has not only been proven to provide energy, but it also helps suppress appetite. Combine this with the boost in metabolism and you’re onto a winner.

Green Tea

Green tea can break down fatty acids in the liver, which helps reduce fat stored. It’s also high in antioxidants and contains some caffeine. This is another essential ingredient in a fat burner. You need around 500mg for it to work.

Green Coffee

Green Coffee has been scientifically backed as it can help with insluin resistance. This will in turn cause your body to store less fat. Not only this, it contains caffeine. Which has the benefits we listed above.


This is a highly caffeinated ingredient. It can cause unwanted side effects especially when mixed with other stimulants. With the caffeine and green coffee, there isn’t much need for Guarana in this Grilla fat burner.


An amino acid that helps with metabolism. It works, but it needs to be supplemented in very high doses and regularly.

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Grilla Burn Bullets Dose

You get 2 capsules a day to make up a standard dose of Grilla Burn Bullets. But this is a little behind what we’ve come to expect from top of the range and best fat burners.

This fat burner could very much do with another capsule, to help make it’s good ingredients hit scientifically backed doses. Without another capsule it’s falling short of where top fat burners should be.

Grilla Burn Bullets Side Effects

Side effects from this fat burner should be fairly limited. You may experience some slight ones due to the Guarana that’s present, as this is highly caffeinated along with the caffeine.

Side effects from high levels of stimulants could be headaches, nausea and energy crashes. This is another reason it’s better to spend your money on a fat burner that keeps you body processing nutrients through the day. You avoid the ingredients wearing off.

Where to Buy Grilla Burn Bullets

Grilla Burn bullets are available from Grilla Fitness for £29.99. This gets you 60 capsules. The capsules are vegetarian, which are a little more to produce, but this is still a fairly expensive supplement. You can get our top 3 fat burners which have either a better blend, or a bigger amount of capsules in them.

Burn Bullets do look good though and they are a safe product that uses natural ingredients. So you can buy with confidence.

Grilla Burn Bullets Review Conclusion

We love the way this product looks and it does contain some punchy and effective fat burning ingredients. But ultimately it falls short of current best fat burners. This is due to the lower dose of ingredients and smaller amount of capsules that are in the product.

There is no doubt that it will have some effect on your metabolism and burn away some fat, but the £30 price tag is quite high. If you want a more evenly dosed fat burner that is proven to work and doses all it’s key ingredients according to scientific research, we’d recommend you take a look at our top 3.

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