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Grenade Thermo Detonator Fat Burner Review

There are plenty of fat burners in the fitness industry, uncountable really, and from that huge amount of supplements, only a few worth the price you paid for. Apparently, one which works is the Thermo Detonator by Grenade, with a clear slogan on it ‘’declare war on fat’’

The Grenade Company said that it has the perfect combination of ingredients scientifically tested to burn fat. Is it this fat burner better than our #1 Instant Knockout? Let’s review it.

Amongst its ingredients, we can expect to find already seen ingredients that are effective, but not as impressive as we expected. Unlike others, we can see the amounts of what’s in there.

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Caffeine: Really good to see in  any fat burner. As we say every time. Downside though, is the slight under dosing of the caffeine in a single serving, 225 mg per service of Caffeine to be precise. The presence of this ingredient is good though because it enhances the mental alertness, provides a boost of energy, increases stamina, decreases muscle pain and definitely boosts the overall performance. Grenade Thermo Detonator Ingredients

Green Tea: Thermo Detonator has one of the largest amounts of green tea with a 500mg per serving. The chemical agent that brings the effect into the green tea is known as ‘’catechins’’. The mentioned catechins work as an antioxidant and several health-boosting such as a powerful digestive. It has greater antioxidant activity than broccoli, carrots or spinach and can be at least 25-100 times stronger than vitamins C and E.

Cayenne: It’s a molecule extracted from hot peppers that makes your body temperature rise, trying to cool your body, you will burn more calories trying to cool down.

Phenylalanine: The phenylalanine is converted to L-tyrosine (both are amino acids) and subsequently into L-dopa, norepinephrine. Amongst its benefits is mood enhancement and it can keep you alert and reduce hunger pains.

Also, it has ingredients such as green coffee and bitter orange peel. Both help to reduce the appetite and enhance the digestive problems promoting the fat loss.

It has similar ingredients as our number #1 fat burner Instant Knockout, but Instant Knockout takes a step forward with the presence of vitamin B6, B12 mandatory vitamins that are so important in the diet, and Chromium to boost your activity of insulin. 


The ingredients are in capsules and the directions are simple: two capsules on an empty stomach just after waking with water. Another round with again two capsules late afternoon or 30 minutes before going to sleep with water.

The water and a six hours between servings are mandatory, you must drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and you must not exceed the four capsules daily.

Initially, you have to take it easy. The first week it’s recommended just take one capsule instead two in order to assess your tolerance. When buying a fat burner you want to know what you’re getting and want good results straight away, so wasting capsules on a small dosage seems a bit crazy.

Price, where to get it?

Grenade Thermo Detonator
Cool looking bottle!

Thermo Detonator Grenade is not a cheap product. The price is too expensive and the parts that are good, can be achievable with cheapest products and probably with better results.

It can be purchased in up to £50 on some sites.

You will get some good results from this, but the price is at least the double of great fat burners and as such we wouldn’t recommend this product.


For such a bulky price tag, there is better option like the Instant Knockout.

You will like this product if you love to get a slight energy boost and start the fat loss process stimulant free.

Verdict: If you want to pay for a premium fat burner, a better option is Instant Knockout which provides the same ingredients and with a few more that are not available in the Thermo Detonator by Grenade. Instant Knockout is also dosed better, with no ineffective ingredients like bitter orange peel!





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