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GN 104 Fahrenheit Review

Tired of struggling to burn away that unwanted fat with rubbish supplements? 104 Fahrenheit is a fat burner from smaller supplements company GN. This supplement uses a blend of natural herbs and ingredients to increase the bodies metabolism, suppress appetite and increase energy.

Ingredients wise 104 Fahrenheit looks quite strong, containing some proven and effective fat burning herbs.

You get 2 capsules per day over 45 days with each bottle, which is ok value.

Alarm bells should be ringing in your head due to the fact that GN have used a proprietary blend in this product. So you cannot see the doses of each ingredient.

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GN 104 Fahrenheit Core Ingredients

Fat Burning Ingredients Index

The ingredients in 104 Fahrenheit fat burner are fairly good. But when you are wanting to burn fat, remember you need ingredients that work and they HAVE to be at the right dose.

GN have hidden the individual amounts of ingredients into a proprietary blend of 1590mg.

Green tea, caffeine and green coffee will all have trace amounts of stimulants within 104 Fahrenheit and it’s core ingredients.

With Glucomannan Dandelion and Cayenne helping with appetite suppression.

The problem though, is that whilst these ingredients do work, they only work at the correct dose.

GN 104 fahrenheit ingredients


Glucomannan is one of the most premium ingredients used in fat burners as it has good water absorption ability that gives a feeling of satiety, hence acting as an appetite suppressant. There are only a few others that can be as good as glucomannan on that front.

Dandelion Extract

You’ve obviously heard of Dandelion before, that pretty white/yellow colored herb you might come across once in a while. But its extracts serve more purpose than aesthetic ones. Not only does it prove cholesterol levels by reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL (good cholesterol), it also has other benefits like improving digestion and suppressing appetite. The study following the effects of dandelion extracts is still early, but makes it good enough to be included in fat burners.

Green Tea Extract

Having a combination of caffeine and catechins, green tea extracts not only help in weight loss and boosted metabolism but also in maintaining skin health and immunity. This combination is quite effective, so much so that you can burn 200 extra calories in a day sans any more exercise in your regular workout. 500mg of green tea extract is an adequate for a fat burner.


This ingredient found in a cup of joe serves more purpose than just a ‘pick me up’. The boosted metabolism allows you to have more energy while appetite suppression makes sure you’re not overeating. When combined with other metabolism boosters like bitter orange, the effects of the latter are enhanced as well. It also improves endurance and longevity, which is something that athletes often need, thus turning to drinks and supplements rich in the ingredient. To prevent side effects, you need to have 250-300mg of it in a day spread in even doses.

Green Coffee Bean

Unlike regular coffee bean that has been processed and lost some of its nutrients, green coffee beans maintain the amount of chlorogenic acid in them. This, along with its other ingredients help in the absorption of blood sugar by the intestine. After that it stops an enzyme in the liver that is responsible for glucose being released into the bloodstream so less sugar in the bloodstream would mean that the body would have to find other sources for energy like fat.


While you may have heard of cayenne pepper as a key ingredient in many cuisines due to its native American origin, what you probably didn’t know is that is capsaicin content helps in fat burning thanks to its ‘waring effect’ that increases body temperature to boost blood circulation in the body. 100mg throughout the day should be enough to burn calories like a furnace.

Garcinia Cambogia

Though Garcinia Cambogia isn’t considered very effective fat burner, it does help in fat loss to some extent provided you back it up with a healthy diet and exercise. Furthermore, it also helps in maintaining the cholesterol and serotonin levels in the body. It hasn’t been scientifically proven yet but its still a good thing to have.

GN 104 Fahrenheit Dose

Dose wise you get 2 capsules in a serving and take 3 capsules per day for 30 days. Or that’s what may work best.

It’d be good to see some high doses of green tea and green coffee in this fat burner. But frustratingly this doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case.

Instead there is quite a wild mix of the above ingredients, with some that could potentially cause unwanted side effects. Especially if taken at the wrong dose.

GN 104 Fahrenheit Side Effects

Side effects from 104 Fahrenheit should be pretty limited due to most ingredients being safe.

There are some slight risks however that at the doses they’ve used in the proprietary blend, side effects could happen.

Generally, due to the synthesised ingredients and mixture of stimulants and other herbs you may get side effects at the wrong dose.

These could includes, headaches, sickness and nausea.

GN 104 Fahrenheit Review Conclusion

We love the way this product looks. It’s got a solid bottle and contains some fairly decent and proven fat burners.

A big problem with this fat burner is the blend and the fact you can’t see the individual doses of ingredients that go into it.

If you have a low tolerance to any ingredients it could be a huge problem and lead to wasted money.

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