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Furious Formulations Furious Cuts Fat Burner Review

Losing weight and cutting fat is a FURIOUS battle. It requires a lot of dedication on your part.

But a solid fat burner can make it a whole lot easier. You can literally burn calories away through the day.

Furious Formulations are a solid supplements company, with some good pre workouts. Their fat burner, Furious Cuts, looks like a promising and well made product which looks and feels great.

Remember when buying a fat burner you need a natural product, with a full ingredients list and doses list visible. Only then are you going to get serious results.

In a market full of poorly formulated scam supplements, is Furious Cuts going to get you shredded?

Furious Formulations Furious Cuts Fat Burner Core Ingredients


This is an amino acid that can help the body use carbs and food more efficiently as energy.  Due to it being dosed so highly you should see some positive effects from this ingredient. This will especially work if you are training hard and putting yourself into a calorie deficit.


This ingredient is thought to help with the regulation of happy hormones. The problem is that when you supplement it, it’s broken down so quickly, that it serves no use at all.

Due to it’s quick breakdown it will have no real baring on metabolism or fat burning. You may get a slight increase in energy, but there is only a slim chance of this.


A safe fat burning bet. Caffiene is so well known and is proven to increase your metabolism while fueling you as you blast out a high rep workout. An effective amount would be about 300-350mg in a day. Spread out evenly to ensure your energy levels don’t dip and you get the best results from you metabolism being raised.


This works in a similar way to proven and tested ingredient Green Tea, that features in all proven burners. In that it has an ability to mobilize fatty acids from adipose tissue.

This essentially means it can break down fat for energy. For this to be truly effective though, you do need to be following a fairly strict diet.


This amino acid works in the body by improving thyroid functioning and again allows the body more access to stored fat as energy. 200mg is a nice healthy dose.

Cayenne Pepper

Helps get your body burning extra energy to fight the spicy fire within. Literally burn calories through the day with a decent dose of cayenne. You should get some reasonable results from 90mg of this well known spice.

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Furious Formulations Furious Cuts Fat Burner Dose

3 capsules per serving is ideal for a fat burner.

The doses of the key ingredients in this product are solid too. There’s nothing in here that won’t work or cause unwanted side effects.

It’s a shame there’s no appetite suppressant, as this would be close to being in our top 3 if there was.

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Furious Formulations Furious Cuts Fat Burner Side Effects

You shouldn’t really get any negative side effects from Furious Cuts. It’s been well dosed with the ingredients it has in it and they are all natural too.

Furious Formulations Furious Cuts Fat Burner Review Conclusion

We like this product, it’s got a good amount of amino acids and other ingredients for burning fat.

There are products that do offer just a little more though, Green Coffee and Green Tea should really be in here to get the best from it.

For the money you pay this is a fairly solid investment. Just make sure you are training hard to make the most of the L-Carnitine and L-Tyrosine.

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