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Full-Time Fat Burner Review

Full-Time Fat Burner Review

Full time fat burner is a male orientated fat burner from Full Time. This expensive supplement is mostly found on Amazon and comes up a lot. We’ve decided to review it after a few requests from our Facebook page.


Very basic and old fashioned packaging puts us off this product a bit if we are honest. There is limited information on the bottle to really show what you are getting for your money. Not a great start for this supplement all things considered. Anyway, lets take a look at the ingredients.


Instantly we are put off a little by a proprietary blend. It’s important if you are buying a fat burner to have an exact knowledge of ingredients dosage, not only for safety reasons, but to ensure you aren’t paying a lot of money for something that’s extremely cheap to produce.

Green Tea

Green tea is a great ingredient, and great drink, but, in supplements Green tea has a fat burning effect. It literally helps your body break down fats and also provifull-time-ingredients-listdes you with an energy boost to help you if you are training whilst on a diet. Not to mention the fact that it’s also a great antioxidant. It’s good to see they’ve got it in here. But an effective dose of green tea, as proven by science is about 400-500mg. So, given that the blend in this supplement is only 223…well, there isn’t enough.

Asian Ginseng

There are 0 studies to support this ingredient as something that can improve athletic performance. It could potentially make you feel less sleepy, but we couldn’t find any evidence of this again, so this is a non ingredient.

Rhizome (Or Ginger root)

Research has proven that this ingredient is ineffective for weight loss. We are sorry to say that this is a complete waste of time as there is literally no evidence supporting it’s use.


We are not ones to be so negative all the time, but this ingredient is another that isn’t effective. While it’s great it’s natural, it’s not effective and chances are it’s under dosed.

EDITORS NOTE: We have called off this ingredients section. This supplement will provide very little support to those seriously wanting to cut weight. 


The dose is a major problem. All ingredients are below any resemblance of an effective dose. Remember, you need something that’s going to keep you satisfied through the day, full-time-fat-burner-scoreprovide you with a natural source of energy and also keep  cravings away. We can tell you this supplement will not do any of those things in the dose that is recommended and indeed with the ineffective ingredients it contains. Look for supplements that show you the EXACT amount of ingredients they contain, and are dosed at around 3-4 capsules a day.


$39.99 from amazon.com. Very expensive for what it is, if you are willing to pay this we’d recommending investing a little more and getting yourself something that’s completely premium and not behind the times in terms of fat burning ingredients. There is no fat burning guarantee either. Which you get from our current #1 supplement with their 90 day refund policy!


We rarely give a 1/5 score, but this supplement is over priced, under dosed and full of ineffective ingredients. Worst of all is the proprietary blend. Buy something where you can see a full list of ingredients and that keeps you well dosed throughout the day.  We’d 100% recommend you check our current #1 fat burner or other reviews for something effective.



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