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Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder Review

The Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder is a fat burning supplement from a very strange looking website.

As a supplement Oxy Powder is supposedly based on science, the explainer video, presented by a creepy looking doctor is worth a watch.

But is Oxy Powder going to contribute to your weight loss and are the ingredients the Finchley Clinic have opted to use worth it?

In this Oxy Powder review, we will take a look at what results you can expect from supplementing this product and if it’s going to get you cutting back unwanted fat.

Remember though, the competition is tough. Our top 3 use highly scientific blends of ingredients and are fully proven to work.

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What Ingredients are in Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder?

There is 2 real ingredients that go into Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder.

Now, these ingredients may offer some slight benefit. But when you take into account the price of this weight loss supplement, you are being a little ripped off.

Compare this to our number #1 fat burner which has 10 natural ingredients, each designed to burn fat, and the results you get from Finchley Clinc’s fat burner could be a little lacking.


Oxy Powder Ingredients

Magnesium Hydroxide

Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps control most bodily functions.

Whilst it’s excellent to supplement this mineral, ultimately the role it directly plays in fat loss pales when compared to green tea or other extra herbs.

Some fat burners will contain Magnesium as an added extra, with most using b vitamins also.

But to have magnesium as a major selling point is a little disappointing.

Studies have shown it can improve insulin resistance which indirectly helps with fat storage, but ultimately there are far better ingredients out there.

Citric Acid

You can buy citric acid on it’s own for £2.64.

It’s effects are supposedly an increased metabolism and antioxidant effects.

Generally citrus fruits are full of dietary fibre which can contribute to overall digestive health.

But, while that is a bonus, you are reading this because you want to lose weight.

Sadly there isn’t much to say about citric acid and it’s fat burning properties. Which is a little frustrating.

Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder Dose

You get 4 capsules per day in a bottle of Finchley Clinic Oxy powder.

Whilst this amount of capsules is quite good, ultimately the major lack of ingredients that promote key fat burning effects is very disappointing.

Our top fat burners, in fact most fat burners, use an evenly spread serving size with scientifically backed doses of key ingredients.

Will Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder give me side effects?

Citrus Acid may cause some side effects like an stomach upset of even muscle cramps.

This occurs at a high dose or if you have a low tolerance to this ingredient.

The problem with Oxy Powder is the small amount of ingredients present are just not going to contribute enough to an increased metabolism which is going to burn fat.

Where can you buy Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder?

You can buy it direct from the Finchley Clinc’s website.

It costs £42.99 which is ridiculously high for the supplement you are getting.

Compare this product and it’s 2 main ingredients to any of our top 3 fat burners and you will see what you are missing out on.

Does Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder work?

No. Sadly not. The ingredients profile is very basic in this supplement and so won’t help speed up your metabolism, reduce appetite or provide any real fat burning support.

The limited results won’t get you any real loss of weight or fat.

Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder Review Conclusion

This is a highly over priced supplement.

While you get a fairly large serving size in Oxy Powder, ultimately the ingredients list is pathetic.

It’s essential to burn away fat and keep it off you keep a diet supplement that includes a long list of scientifically backed ingredients.

For a similar price to the Finchley Clinic Oxy Powder you could get a proven and premium fat burner like Instant Knockout.

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