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Fighters Core Fat Burner Review

Fighters Core is a brand new fat burner designed to help preserve muscle mass, whilst reducing as much fat as possible. We’re impressed by it’s new approach, that combines simple science, with proven fat burning ingredients and some new ideas.

Our Fighters Core Review will look at how this fat burner will work for athletes, as well as those just looking to cut down for health!

Fighters Core Fat Burner Ingredients

Fighters Core contains a blend of ingredients that are similar to one of the top rated natural fat burners, Instant Knockout.

It uses a blend of metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants as well as some ingredients for energy. BUT, where Fighters Core differs, is it also uses some relatively new ingredients to enhance fat mobilization and breakdown for energy, and also help preserve muscle mass and influence the development or maintenance of muscle.

This makes a perfect supplement for cutting fat and building muscle.

Green Tea

A common and often used fat burning ingredient. Green Tea helps the breakdown of stored fat for energy. It also provides antioxidants and boost of energy. It’s been heavily studied and the dose in Fighters Core is optimal to help you start burning away stored fat.


One of the most well studied and well known ingredients for a supplement. Caffeine can provide you with a boost when you are low on calories, maintain focus through the day and is proven to potentially increase metabolic rate in studies.

Fighters Core has an amount that is just enough to help you with cutting, it may not be enough for some people looking for a fat burner that gives you more energy though.


HMB or beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate helps optimize your body for protein synthesis which can help preserve muscle mass and prevent your muscle breaking down. By doing this you’ll help ensure stored fat is used as fuel, and you are left with more muscle.

HMB has also been thought to help switch your body into fat burning mode.


Working in a similar way to caffeine, except without the jitters and side effects teacrine is a great and natural source of energy. Fat burners that use teacrine should have caffeine in, as this can be a winning combination of mental and physical energy.


Can help maintain healthy anabolic hormones as well has influence your bodies thyroid function. Fighters Core has a slightly lower dose than some supplements, but a dose that is still considered effective.

Chromium Picolinate

This is a mineral, and it can play a major role in a cutting routine by helping regulate insulin and preventing your body from storing extra fat.

We’re a big fan of Chromium in fat burners, although it’s a mineral that can also be found naturally in your diet.

Fighters Core Fat Burner Dose

Fighters Core comes in a 3 capsule dose and has pretty effective doses of each ingredient. It may be a bit low on the caffeine when compared with other fat burners, but we’re not that put off by this.

3 capsules per day can be pretty daunting for some people to remember to supplement however. It has more than enough Chormium and a good dose of Green tea that’s actually comparable with some of the best fat burners out there.

Fighters Core Side Effects

Side effects from Fighters Core will certainly be limited. This is a product that uses largely natural ingredients and completely safe herbs to help you cut unwanted fat.

The caffeine is countered by Teacrine and so as long as you don’t take it too close to bed, you should have no issues with Fighters Core.

Where to buy Fighters Core Fat Burner?

You can only buy Fighters Core from their direct to consumer site. It’s $60 a bottle, which is very expensive for a fat burner. And actually a bit of a drawback.

They claim they regularly change their ingredients though, and the formula is extremely high end. So for those serious about cutting fat we’d say it’s certainly worth the extra bit of money.

Visit: www.fighterscore.com

Fighters Core Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Fighters Core is a new fat burner, and one that shows it with it’s clearly labelled formula. Containing ingredients that promote fat loss in nearly 6 different ways, Fighters Core is a #1 rated product for fat loss.

The problem with Fighters Core? They eye watering price. But, if you can afford it and, more so, if you are wanting to maintain muscle and have a professional weight cut, Fighters Core is the product for you. You can check Fighters Core out for yourself here.


A near perfect formula...at a premium price

Fighters Core is amazing, it's formula is great, especially if you're working out regularly. It's well balanced and has a big serving, offering a lot in terms of fat loss from all angles.

If you can afford it, we'd recommend Fighters Core as a top rated product.

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