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What Fat Burner – Cardio Workout

Sure, hitting those dumbbells and going hard on that smith machine makes you feel like a pro. But for those who are just starting out or those who just need to lose some weight are better off with cardio exercises. And trust us when we say that cardio is so much more than just running on the treadmill or jogging in the park. We have some of the best exercises to include in your cardio workout that you probably didn’t even know existed:


Though a stairmaster will get you better results since you can tinker around with the settings before working out on the machine, climbing up and down the stairs will also work if you can control the rate yourself. Either way, working out with a stairmaster is practically a sureshot way to burn fat albeit not an easy one. Whether you incorporate it into your High Intensity Interval Training or Low Intensity Steady State cardio, expect to be challenged but if you do it properly even for a week, expect to see a very pleasing and noticeable difference in your weight!



For those who get bored doing the same cardio exercises over and over again (so basically, everyone), swimming is just as effective as torching fat as any other cardio exercise, perhaps even better as it has a few more benefits like a good training for your mind and body coordination and your muscle strength too. It goes without saying that once again swimming like it’s a Sunday won’t do you any good. Do your best, and when you’ve reached your limit between laps, take a break and enjoy the water!


Though rowing became popular with the regular folk after Kevin Spacey was shown doing it in ‘House Of Cards’, rowing has always been a popular exercise with fitness enthusiasts especially when it comes to burning calories and getting that very aesthetic V-frame. Even a moderate session can burn somewhere around 700 calories, whilst you can probably reach to burning 1000 calories if you have the ‘go hard or go home’ attitude while doing it.


Pyramid Squats

In case you were wondering, pyramid squats aren’t some weird variation of regular squats but are basically sets of regular ones that arranged in a manner to make you feel like hell but ultimately burn fat like a furnace and get your butt in shape as well!

There are many ways to create your own set of pyramid squats but we recommend doing it in a manner where you first have a regular set with your most moderate rep count, with the next set having slightly more reps, the next set even more than than to the point where it’s basically a very difficult set for you in the last set of squats. If you can throw in a barbell with some weights if you’re feeling tough, then that’s even better.

We all know that there are a ton of exercises just like these that give you a feeling of having a good cardio session. Be sure to share those exercises with us in the comments below!


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