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FA Engineered Nutrition Lipo Fat Burner Review

UK supplements company FA Engineered’s go-to fat burner offering, Lipo is a product with a wide range of ingredients.

To get a fat burner right can be tough. You need perfect doses of scientifically proven ingredients, whilst avoiding any side effects and mis dosing.

The ingredients profile in Lipo looks good at first glance. And certainly has potential to get your metabolism burning through that unwanted fat.

Remember when buying a fat burner it’s important it offers Dietary Support, Energy Increases and a metabolism boost.

Let’s see if FA Engineered’s fat burner offering is going to get your ab muscles showing…

FA Engineered Nutrition Lipo Fat Burner Core Ingredients

There’s some proven, solid fat burning ingredients in FA Engineered Nutrition’s Lipo. But mixed in there’s a few that set alarm bells ringing, and others that won’t really do anything.

It’s good to see some Amino acids in here, that can help the body user energy more efficiently, but on the whole, they are under dosed to achieve any major effects.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients inside Lipo.


Chromium is a good insulin regulator. It prevents your body from storing as much fat from foods. This is an essential part of any fat burning supplement and certainly something you should be on the lookout for.

Garcina Cambogia

Marketed as an appetite suppressant, this fruit is generally used to enhance the flavour of meals. That is all it’s good for really.

There has been no evidence, and indeed no real reports of it working as something that can suppress an appetite and just a gimmick for companies to make money from as ‘the next big thing’. While it’s completely right to have an appetite suppressant in a supplement, look for something thats proven to be effective like glucomannan.


A fat burner staple and something that WILL get you good fat burning results. Caffeine will help by increasing your metabolism and providing you with much needed energy from your cut. A good amount of caffeine is 300mg-350. This keeps your energised through the day.

Green Tea

Another exceptional fat burner ingredient. This product is slightly under dosed to get amazing results, but it should still work for you.

Green tea literally helps burn away unwanted fat by allowing a process that starts in the liver to break down fatty acids and use stored fat as energy.  It also gives you a good boost of energy and can increase metabolism.

Citrus Aurantium

This is where it starts to unravel . This ingredient is similar to ephedrine in it’s chemistry, which is an unsafe substance and banned in parts of the world.

This ingredient is a stimulant and has been known to interact with caffeine at certain doses causing unwanted side effects. Why take the risk?

Feel quite let down by this ingredient as lots of FA Engineered other supplements are so on point!

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FA Engineered Nutrition Lipo Fat Burner  Dose

3 capsules is a serving. We’d recommend testing your tolerance to the mixed stimulants in here before diving right in though.

It’s good to have 3+ capsules through the day as it ensures your metabolism and energy levels stay up throughout the day.  Burning more of your unwanted fat for longer!

FA Engineered Nutrition Lipo Fat Burner  Side Effects

You may get some side effects from the mixed stimulants in this product. These include headaches, nausea and crashes. This isn’t ideal and can be avoided by looking for completely natural products that avoid any risky ingredients.

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FA Engineered Nutrition Lipo Fat Burner  Review Conclusion

A great looking product with some decent fat burning ingredients. This will get you some good results over time. However you could have some unwanted side effects from the caffeine and citrus aurantium.

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