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FA Engineered Lipo Burn Review

The fat burner marketing is crowded with cheap supplements that will have little or no effects on your fat burning efforts.

FA Engineered Nutrition are a premium company with a great looking fat burner called Lipo Burn.

This product uses natural ingredients (something you should always be looking out for) to deliver energy, thermogenesis and appetite suppression.

Lipo Burn looks to have a solid ingredients list that features a lot of crucial fat burners and some other lesser known herbs.

Let’s take a closer look and see if this product is going to get you shredded…

FA Engineered Lipo Burn Ingredients

Lipo Burn has a long list of ingredients. With a base amount of key vitamins and minerals for normal bodily function, which is always good. (B vitamins are essential for fat burners)

The rest is a blend of herbs and natural products. Some of these are proven fat burners and have stood up against science, on first glance some others may be a little less effective at getting you to cut fat.

It’s important to have a focus on natural ingredients too, as this means you can supplement them for longer and it’s far safer and more effective.

The blend in Lipo Burn is quite big, meaning that there seems to be some issues with dosing, especially with the proven ingredients. This is a little frustrating as it means that the good ingredients that will work, are being pushed aside by less effective, unproven ones.


Chromium has recently gained a lot of importance in the world of weight loss supplements owing to its ability to keep blood sugar levels in check, reduce appetite and boost weight loss thanks to its thermogenic properties. Since it also plays a role in fat metabolism, chromium could help reduce the levels of total and LDL cholesterol in the body, which is an added bonus.


Acetyl L-Carnitine is basically an amino acid that helps convert fat into energy, which directly helps you lose more weight and get back in shape. Its effectiveness in working effectively is still debated upon, but all in all, it has been found to work best when combined with other metabolism boosters.

Guarana Extract

Guarana seed extracts are added to many energy and sports drinks owing to its ability to boost fat burning and enhance energy levels almost instantly. It’s similar to caffeine in the way it works, so may not be suitable if you are sensitive to stimulants.


Caffeine is a must have ingredient for an effective fat burner also. Proven in various studies to help with weight loss. Caffeine will help boost your metabolism by speeding up reactions in the central nervous system. It also provides you with some energy, particularly useful if you are dieting hard.

Green Tea

Another ingredient you NEED in any fat burner. Green tea helps with the break down of fat acids and essentially helps the body burn away fat. There’s a small amount of caffeine in here too which will ensure you have enough to keep that fat burning optimized.

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FA Engineered Lipo Burn Dose

2 capsules is one serving that will give you a reasonable dose of stimulants and a slight dose of proven fat burner green tea.

You’ll also get some beta sitosterol and MCT oil with the capsules too, which may slightly improve your results.

Overall though the doses are just slightly low to be classed as a hardcore, effective fat burner which is a shame.

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FA Engineered Lipo Burn Side Effects

You may get some slight side effects from the amount of stimulants in this product. This could leave you awake if you supplement it too close to bed.

Another thing to keep an eye out for with products with such big ingredients lists, is that you are not allergic to anything in them.

FA Engineered Lipo Burn Review Conclusion

This is a pretty good product, with plenty of ingredients. However there’s just too much in here to make it truly effective.

We’re sure you’ll get some fairly good results from supplementing Lipo Burn, but it’s not for us.

For a little more money you can get a proven and premium fat burner.

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