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Evogen Nutrition Lipocide IR Review

Evogen Lipocide IR is the latest metabolism boosting/fat burning product from established supplements company Evogen. Evogen nutrition are well established and this Evogen Lipocide IR Review will take a full look at this product and see if it’s going to burn through your wanted fat.

There’s a few good fat burning ingredients in this product, however there is one massive blend that hides the individual doses from us.

The product itself does look and feel great though, which is always a bonus.

Evogen Nutrition Lipocide IR Core Ingredients

The ingredients profile in this product is quite diverse. There are a load of natural proven fat burners in here and some other less proven stuff.

The big problem you should have here is the proprietary blend however. As this means the individual doses of some key fat burning ingredients are hidden. Meaning you could be getting a load of cheap ineffective ingredients for your money. Evogen Lipocide IR Review Ingredients


This ingredient has been used a fat loss supplement for some time. However a study on martial artists and fat loss found that supplementing it made no real difference.

Whilst there are some reports as choline being a good supplement for losing weight, they are not from reliable enough sources.


This non essential amino acid is generally found in pre workouts due to it’s ability to increase the neurotransmitter dopamine. It’s thought however that this increase could potentially benefit people losing weight as it would reduce the stress faced when exercising or dieting.

It’s worth saying that you won’t get any direct weight loss results from this ingredient though.


This is a proven fat burning ingredient. It speeds up the metabolism and also gives you more energy to workout.

For optimal fat burning results however it’s important to recognise that this needs to be supplemented throughout the day in a few doses, as one single dose, like in this supplement can lead to crashes.

Lipocide Thermo Focus Matrix

This is the blend in this product. It accounts for over 273mg of it. There are some good proven fat burners in here, like in our top 3.

Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean and Capsicum will all have good effects on increasing the bodies metabolism and using stored fat for energy. These are ingredients that are completely backed by scientific studies.

L-Carnitine is a good amino acid that will help with breaking down long chained fatty acids in the body and using them as energy. It may however be a little under dosed in Lipocide IR.

Citrus Aurantium is a bit risky. It can lead to negative side effects if not dosed correctly. This is due to it having similar properties to banned substance ephedrene. We’d recommend caution when supplementing this product.

This blend may get you some slight results, but be careful when doing scoops as you could end up over doing the caffeine or citrus aurantium easily.


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Evogen Nutrition Lipocide IR Dose

1 scoop per day, however more can be used. Just add to water to use.

This is a little frustrating as 1 dose a day of the ingredients in this will not provide your metabolism with a constant boost through the day. You will get a decent amount of energy from the caffeine etc, but this will wear off.

If you want the absolute best results we recommend something that allows for 3-4 doses through the day. This is why the best fat burners  and metabolism boosters use capsules.

Evogen Nutrition Lipocide IR Side Effects

There could be some side effects from dosing Lipocide wrong, which is fairly easy to do if you are scooping.

However from a single dose you should be ok. There may be some crashes after the caffeine wears off, but other than that we wouldn’t expect much more.

DO NOT DOUBLE SCOOP – This could lead to side effects from the citrus aurantium, which are not good.

Evogen Nutrition Lipocide IR Cost

$44.95 for 60 servings from evogennutrition.com. This is an ok price for the product. However due to it just being a powder you will get slightly under this.

Powders are cheaper to produce and lack the clinical dosing of tablets or capsules when it comes to fat burning.

You can get better proven fat burners with no risk and full servings for this sort of price. We’d recommend our #1, which has a massive 120 servings.

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Evogen Nutrition Lipocide IR Review Conclusion

This is an ok product. However we HATE that you can’t see see individual ingredients doses. It’s risky when a company does this.

Some of the ingredients in this product are also unproven when it comes to weight loss. You are much better off getting something that has carefully measured capsules of proven fat burning ingredients. Like our top 3.

Evogen Nutrition Lipocide IR Review

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