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Evo chem Phenadren Fat Burner Review

Cutting fat can be hard. You need a fair bit of will power, but a good fat burner can really speed things up.

Evo Chem Phenadren looks like a promising product for you to cut down with.  It’s from an established company and uses a wide range of ingredients to help you get to your goal.

But how effective will it actually be?

Already from glancing at the bottle we can see this product uses a ‘proprietary blend’, this means that the company is not disclosing individual amounts of the ingredients.

Companies generally do this if they want to maximise profit, as it’s a way of keeping the product full of the cheaper ingredients, which can make it less effective.

Evo chem Phenadren Fat Burner Core Ingredients

The ingredients in Phenadren are pretty diverse. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s not great that the product uses a proprietary blend.

You still can sometimes see fat burning success though, as long as they are using clinical doses of proven fat burning ingredients.

It’s a shame that this product has gone down the natural ingredients route. Generally natural fat burners get just as good results as ones that use chemical compounds. Natural ingredients just take out a large part of the risk.

Stage 1

Raspberry Ketone and Coleus Forskohlii look to make up the core components of this blend. Coleus Forskohlii is thought to increase fat burning compounds in the body. Rapsberry Ketones is thought to do similar.

The big problem here is that Ketones have been generally disproven to work and Coleus Forskohlii currently lacking enough research.

You will see some slight metabolism boosts from the cayenne though, so that’s good to see.

Stage 2

Main ingredient is Phenylethylamine. This ingredient is thought to help with the regulation of happy hormones. The problem is that when you supplement it, it’s broken down so quickly, that it serves no use at all.

Stage 3

This is essentially the part of the fat burner that will cause a boost in metabolism and energy. Using ingredients like Caffeine (a proven fat burner) is a great idea. This increases your metabolism and gives you energy.

The problem comes when the caffeine is combined with another stimulant, citrus aurantium, they are known to negatively effect each other and potentially cause side effects. So just be cautious.

It’s good to see Green Tea in this blend though, as it’s a proven fat burning ingredient and should be top of the list of any product you are looking out for.

Stage 4,5,6

There’s a lot of ‘herbs’ in these last few stages. Whilst you may get some mixed results from some of them in terms of appetite suppression and energy, generally a lot of these ingredients require higher doses or more scientific study.

Quite disappointing as it’d have been more beneficial to focus on less, more proven ingredients.

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Evo chem Phenadren Fat Burner Dose

2 capsules is one serving. It’s important you try and spread these two capsules out.

Due to the fact Evo Chem have used a proprietary blend, we can’t actually see the individual doses of important ingredients.

It also means that these capsules could be quite strong and cause unwanted side effects if you over dose some of the ingredients.

Evo chem Phenadren Fat Burner Side Effects

Be wary of proprietary blends causing side effects when buying a fat burner.

Also be cautious of the interactions between caffeine and citrus aurantium. This can potentially lead to nausea and headaches.

Evo chem Phenadren Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is quite a risky product overall.

The ingredients list isn’t completely natural and it uses a proprietary blend  to hide the individual doses of other ingredients too.

This could leave you with some unwanted side effects or even a product that just simply doesn’t work as a fat burner.

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