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ETB HD Ripped Fat Burner Review

ETB HD Ripped Fat Burner Review.  Studies backed by examine.com

HD Ripped is a fat burner from ETB (Eat The Bear Supplements). Promising to contain the safest and most effective fat burning ingredients and delivering some serious results we thought we’d check if ETB would really bring out that lean muscle and strip away that fat.


There are some good fat burning ingredients in here. But, its a propriety blend (We will cover more on this at the end) which isn’t ideal. The ingredients do hold some promise though, and it does have potential to yield some good results. Anyway, lets take a look at the studies and what they are saying about the ingredients.


Fucoxathin is found in seaweed. It is currently being tested for it’s fat burning properties however there isn’t really enough evidence at this stage to say if it is effective enough.

Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii is known in famine affected areas as an appetite suppressant. Which is could, however as with the above ingredient there is little if any proof that this is effective. Conversely the only study on Hoodia Gordonii found that there was some mild toxic effects and no impact on appetite suppression.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Anhydrous it is good to see caffeine as part of the energy complex of ETB HD Ripped Fat Burner. When buying a fat burner it’s crucial that you get energy from a completely natural and safe source.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract 90% is great to see in here too. Green Tea is know for its amazing fat burning qualities and should always be present in an effective fat burner. Green tea’s qualities come from consuming catechins present in both the supplement and tea form and have been proven to not only activate the fat burning process present, but also improve cardiovascular function and giv
e you a boost of energy.

White Willow Bark Extract 

White Willow Bark Extract contains salicin. Salicin is similar to aspirin and is used for it’s anti pain and inflammatory properties. We actually cannot find much reason for this to be inside this supplement other than helping you perform a little longer. The studies we have read however, don’t really cover it’s use in sports supplements.

Phenylethylamine (PEA)

Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a stimulant. There is no need for this ingredient to be present in the fat burner as you already have a fairly sizable dose from the caffeine. If you are going to be buying HD Ripped, we’d recommend checking your tolerance and often these sort of stimulants can interact with other ones.


Vinpocentine is an ingredient that has got a proven history of preventing cognitive decline. Which is great. It comes from a plant known as “the periwinkle plant” and is commonly used in Nootropics. While this ingredient does have a good record, it seems wasted space for us when the focus of any fat burner should be providing energy, increasing metabolism and aiding a diet.


With 30 servings per container HD Ripped is nailed on with its month long pack. It’s caffeine content is a little too high though. 375ml would impact sleep and often cause jitters in average sized people. 3 capsules a day could leave you a little under dosed with the green tea and other ingredients.

However due to  ETB HD Ripped Fat Burner’s propriety blend, we can’t actually see what the doses of each ingredient would be. We’d recommend caution and testing tolerance when buying this fat burner. Its always crucial to have ingredients shown in exact measure, like our number #1 supplement or Grenade’s Thermo detonator.


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We found this product for $55.99. Which is beyond the price of a premium product and could be a little over the top, especially when you don’t know the exact doses of the ingredients. What’s more frustrating is there is no 90 day guarantee that we could find and we didn’t manage to speak to the company over social media regarding this. If you have this much money to spend on a fat burner, go for something that has a higher dose and get 2 bottles!

2018 ETB HD Ripped Review Update

Although the core ingredients of the ETB HD Ripped had been good ones, we couldn’t ignore the potential risks that some of the other ingredients could have caused.

If it had taken out ingredients like the Hoodia Gordinii, then perhaps it would have deserved a better ranking. However, as it stands? It’s not good. Not then, and not now.

However, there’s no reason to lose hope. although the ETB HD Ripped was disappointing- to say the least, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good fat burner supplements out there. We recommend checking out our 2018 Top 3 Fat Burner Review. You’ll find that you need there.


We wanted ETB HD Ripped to take the #1 spot. But there are a few areas where it falls down. While it’s got some good core ingredients, there are some risky ones and some that we can’t see being much benefit in a Fat Burner. There are a few crucial things you want from ANY supplement, and top of the list is being able to see exactly what you are putting in your body. Don’t take chances, don’t waste money.


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