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eFlow Nutrition encinerate Fat Burner Review

eFlow Nutrition present their fat burner, encinerate. This is a good looking fat burner with a fairly decent set of ingredients going into it. Is it going to get you shredded in time for summer though?

Remember when you’re buying a fat burner it’s important that you spend a little time choosing the right one, with a decent dose and that’s full of natural ingredients. This is the only way you’ll get results.

eFlow nutritions offering looks good, but is it going to be able to back up it’s good looks with strong fat burning capabilities?  Let’s find out…

eFlow Nutrition encinerate Fat Burner Core Ingredients

When buying a fat burner we always recommend you look EXACTLY what you are taking to avoid unwanted side effects and being ripped off.

That’s why any product with a proprietary blend isn’t worth your time and money. Unfortunately Encinerate is one of those products that won’t let us see whats inside it.

Lets see what the key ingredients are anyway: eFlow Nutrition ENCINERATE Fat Burner Review Ingredients


A staple fat burning ingredient. Caffeine is a classic and proven fat burner, it helps increase your metabolism and also provides you with increased energy levels to fuel workouts and help if you are dieting.

Not only this, it helps elevate mood too. We do not know the dosing of caffeine in this product. So be cautious, as products with hidden amounts of ingredients tend to over do the caffeine to give you some form of instant results.

Bitter Orange

Dangerous, similar to the banned substance ephedrene. This isn’t worth taking as it could potentially lead to harmful side effects at the wrong doses.

As you don’t know the exact dose in this product it’s pretty risky.

Raspberry Ketones

Are the product of clever marketing and have no benefits at all when it comes to fat burning. Literally none.

Green Tea

Great, a good proven fat burner. But one that needs dosing at about 350mg through the day to have any real fat burning results.

It works by helping the body breakdown stored fat as energy. Again though, it’s most likely under dosed in this product.


Is going to be under dosed in this product. Whilst this amino acid has some good benefits, you’ll need more of a dose than the 300mg minimum that’s in this product.

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eFlow Nutrition encinerate Fat Burner Dose

1- 3 capsules per day. For best fat burning results you want 3-4 capsules. Although the dose in this is hidden so you could bet getting some side effects you don’t want from it.

eFlow Nutrition encinerate Fat Burner Side Effects

Headaches, nausea and sleepnessness are common side effects from the wrong doses of caffeine and bitter orange. You have no way of knowing the doses in this product so it’s worth avoiding so you don’t end up with any of these side effects.

eFlow Nutrition encinerate Fat Burner Cost

$34.99 60 capsules (1 month) This is BAD for a product that relies on a hidden blend of ingredients.

You can pay a few dollars more and get double the capsules and far better, proven results from our #1 fat burner Instant Knockout. Or if you are on a budget, get something from our top 3. 

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eFlow Nutrition encinerate Fat Burner Review Conclusion

A potentially harmful supplement. For what it is it’s also very expensive and relies on a number of unproven ingredients in it’s HIDDEN blend.

If you want guaranteed results and to know exactly what you are taking you need something premium, which comes at a similar price thankfully. eFlow-Nutrition-ENCINERATE-Fat-Burner-Review


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