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doTerra Slim and Sassy review

Can you get slim and remove that unwanted fat with doTerra’s Sassy fat burner?

Any good fat burner should do a large part of the work for you when it comes to cutting unwanted fat.

doTerra is a fat burner aimed at ladies and not only promises to help you reveal your abs and get you slim, but also to get you sassy too.

The blend of ingredients is a little disappointing and it can no way stand up to our current top 3 products. Which can be supplemented by females too.

So, what is in doTerra Slim and Sassy and will it really burn away fat?

doTerra Slim and Sassy Core Ingredients

Fat burners only work if their ingredients are dosed right and have been proven to work by science.

You get lots of supplements that promise revolutionary new blends, but until you see proof each ingredient works, you need to take these claims with a pinch of salt.

doTerra is a fat burner that uses all natural ingredients, which is great, but most of these ingredients are understudied and cannot hold their own when it comes to scientific evidence supporting their use.

This is a weak fat burner that has more in common with a glass of lemon water than it does a product that will help you cut away fat.

doTerra Slim and Sassy ingredients

doTerra Slim and Sassy Dose

The dose of doTerra Slim and Sassy is slightly irrelevant when it comes doTerra Slim and Sassy.

The ingredients are just so limited and will not have a major impact on your metabolism or your body using stored fat as fuel.

A solid fat burner, for male or females, will spread the dose over 3-4 capsules evenly through the day.

doTerra Slim and Sassy Side Effects

You shouldn’t really get any side effects from doTerra’s fat burner.

Ingredients wise it can’t stand up to our current top 3 and won’t get you close to your goals in terms of fat burning results either.

Frustrated? We bet you are, but at least if you’ve already ordered it won’t give you side effects either.

doTerra Slim and Sassy Review Conclusion

We can’t really say much good about doTerra Slim and Sassy.

You’re probably drawn by the natural ingredients and branding like we were. But this product isn’t a serious fat burner and won’t help hugely with your weight loss. Namely because of the weak blend and poor dosing.

If you are serious about cutting fat you need to be looking for products like MusclePharm Shred Sport and Grenade.

Our current #1 is Instant Knockout. A natural fat burner from supplement specialists Roar Ambition.


doTerra Slim and Sassy review

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