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Dieting Cheat Day – Should You Cheat?

So your hitting your diet hard to ensure you get those 6 pack abs, but one term keeps coming up whilst you’re dieting – cheat day.

So, what is a ‘cheat day’ and is it ok for you to do whilst you are trying to cut fat?

A cheat day is typically a break day away from a diet that allows you to stock up on excess calories by eating whatever you want.

Normally people just stick with a cheat meal, however a cheat day, provided it’s reasonably balanced is also an alternative.

The benefits of a cheat day whilst you are dieting:

  • Increased Metabolism
  • Boosted Mood
  • Extra Energy
  • Social Reasons


How Does a Cheat Day Work When Dieting?

So you’ve probably starved yourself on your diet for the last week, the weekend hits, you need something more than the restricted food you’ve had all week.

But won’t breaking the diet ruin the chances of it’s success?

Don’t take this word for gospel, but generally a cheat day, or preferably cheat meal can help you with your diet.

Lots of weight watchers, or commercial diet plans may not include them, and if they don’t we’d advise you don’t have one.

But if you are cutting weight with your own diet, a cheat day or meal can be a great tool.

A cheat day works through over eating.

When you consume too much food, your body will increase leptin production.

Leptin is a hormone that plays a big part in dieting and is the sole reason a cheat day works.

As leptin increases your metabolism, libido and dopamine production. So you’ll feel great. But this response isn’t every time and can be outweighed by regular overeating and weight gain.

Through this logic, a cheat day once a week seems to work pretty well. Provided you also try and cut the alcohol as that empty calories.

Dieting Cheat Day Conclusion

You can get away with cheating on a diet, once a week at most. But try and avoiding getting ridiculous with it.

Whilst a cheat day can have massive benefits for your diet, there are still rules in place.

We’d recommend a cheat meal as opposed to a full day for a start.

But in case you want to give up on your diet –


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