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Core-X Fitness The Warrior Project Diced Fat Burner Review

Project diced is a fat burner from the relatively new supplement company, Core-X Fitness. We got told about this one in the gym and so decided to hunt it out and get it in front of us for a review. The Warrior, promises all the major benefits of any fat burner, but comes at a premium price. So lets see, is it worth it?


We do like the packaging on this one, it’s clear and it’s cool. Not to mention the name and brand are pretty solid too. As we always say, when buying a fat burner you can often tell from branding and bottle design how trusted it is. Premium products, look good, feel good and are one of a kind. Think Grenade’s Thermo Detonator.


The ingredients list on this supplement is fairly small. For the price, we’d expect to see more vitaminas and minerals that support fat burning mixed in with the stimulants and thermogenic stuff. Seems a little over priced.project-diced-ingredients

Bitter Orange

So, if you’ve read our site, you know we are not a fan of bitter orange. It can be dangerous. It’s a stimulant with a similar make up to the banned substance ephedrene. The major problem with bitter orange, or citrus aurantium as it’s more widely known is that it interacts with other stimulants too, namely in this supplement, caffeine.


A staple fat burning ingredient. Caffeine is a classic and proven fat burner, it helps increase your metabolism and also provides you with increased energy levels to fuel workouts and help if you are dieting. Not only this, it helps elevate mood too. The dosing of caffeine in this is solid too.  However it could still pose a risk with the bitter orange mentioned above.

AMP Citrate

Another stimulant to add to the mix. This has been heavily publicized in the media and is potentially dangerous. It’s in this fat burner to provide you with focus for a workout, however it’s not without side effects. It’s commonly reported that this substance can cause a ‘come down’ effect, where you will feel lethargic and depressed following it’s use. We cannot recommend you take this. If you decide to buy, use extreme caution.

Green Tea

Green tea is a natural fat burner and completely safe. Unlike the other ingredients. With green tea you help your body use up stores of fat as energy. The polyphenols in green tea also elevate noepinephrine, which again, boosts your metabolism burning more fat. It’s been widely studied and is known to be effective.


Cayenne is here to help increase your metabolism. The dosing of cayenne needs to be perfect for it to help your body heat up and burn fat even while rested. If you have too much you run the risk of feeling unwell, and if you have too little it won’t have any effect. Ideally you want about 25mg in each capsule through the day to safely harness it’s power. This supplement recommends 40mg in one go, which could lead to you feeling a little unwell.


Also known as vitamin b3. This has been proven to help with cholesterol levels, so isn’t a bad addition to this fat burner. The dosing seems fairly safe too. However 2-3 capsules could put a little stress on the liver. So be careful.


1-3 capsules evenly throughout the day. BUT, we don’t recommend even one. You’ve got to remember that you are probably going to feel lethargic and depressed as a result of the AMP citrate present in this supplement. While the caffiene and green tea are good fat burners and dosed ok, there is too much risk for just those. If you want to see a proper premium supplement that has safe and more effective ingredients, check out our top 3 fat burners.


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£67.99/$88.46 from ebay.com. This is EXTREMELY expensive for something that could be considered dangerous. If you are willing to pay this, then we 100% recommend shopping around for something better value and proven to be effective. Our top 3 has been tested and researched to help you make an informed, safe choice and is currently dominated by the best fat burner on the market.

Testimonials/Before and Afters

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core-x-fitness-the-warrior-project-diced There are some good ingredients in Core-X Fitness, The Warrior Project, Diced Fat burner. However there are also two that are proven to be unsafe. While we are sure people will go ahead and take the risk, from a fat burning point of view chances are it won’t pay off and isn’t very effective. If you are looking for a good fat burner, make sure it’s fully natural and comes from a premium and respected brand. Check out our top 3. 

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