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Controlled Labs Red Light Review

We’re going to be delving deep into the “red light” without Controlled Labs Red Light Review. It’s an up-and-coming fat burning formula that can be applauded for the amount of interest it’s been able to call forth.

Is it any good? Well, it’s certainly priced in a way that exceeds even my expectation. However, the reality is just a bit faulty.

For sure, there are things about this formula that will no doubt brings success. AND I do applaud them for fully disclosing all the ingredients in their formula. The only thing is, they might have taken ‘innovation’ a bit too far.

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What I mean by that can be explained further on, as we go through the rest of this Controlled Labs Red Light Review. First things first, let’s have a look at the ingredients that decided to use for their so-called “most innovative” fat burner supplement.

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Controlled Labs Red Light Ingredients

There’s a lot that can be said about the Controlled Labs Red Light formula. For one, the ingredients are a bit of a mismatch. We’re not just getting regular fat metabolizers here. They included three different “complex” blends that are to benefit your weight loss in some way.

This includes their Weight Aid Complex, which holds most of the fat burning ingredients. For this particular blend, the only promising ingredient that I can see is Caffeine Anhydrous. They could have certainly used a metabolic booster like Green Tea or a Thermogenic ingredient like Cayenne Pepper.

As we go further down, we run into their Digestion Aid Complex. Which does include a couple of ingredients that could potentially aid with your digestion.

Finally, we get the Test Aid Complex. Although, for this one, I can tell you that the ingredient that they used is just as unpromising as the rest.

We’ll tell you more about how each ingredient works (and doesn’t work) in the breakdown down below.

Controlled Labs Red Light Review 2

Hibiscus Extract

Hibiscus is a type of plant that is often used as a home remedy for certain medical conditions. These conditions include high blood pressure and high cholesterol. That has lead people to believe that it would make a good weight loss ingredient.

However, these benefits are not backed by any research whatsoever. Which, ultimately, makes it an ineffective first ingredient.

Olive Leaf

Much like the previous ingredient, this has been used as a home remedy for certain conditions. Specifically, it is believed to treat cardiovascular disease. However, these effects are (once again) completely unproven.

Cordia Leaf Extract

Yet again, we have another bad choice in ingredient. That’s three for three now with the Controlled Labs Red Light. Because, much like the previous two, this is an unproven ingredient. There is research available regarding this particular ingredient, but the research remains inconclusive.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This is the first good ingredient inside of the Controlled Labs Red Light fat burner. Although, even then, it’s really not much of a Weight “Aid” ingredient. Sure, it’s been said to increase metabolic rates in some people. However, those benefits have only been seen applied on people that are already fit.

Outside of that, Caffeine Anhydrous can be used to boost one’s energy levels. They manage to stay mid-zone with their dosing too. Which helped them avoid the usual side-effects that can come with the use of this particular ingredient.

Theobroma Cacao Extract

This isn’t technically a fat burning ingredient, but it’s better than the first three on this list. The bitterness of this particular ingredient comes from the compounds inside of it that have been said to improve blood flow. Such effects have been seen in theory but has not resulted in any scientific evidence.

Nevertheless, the promise of improved insulin levels makes this an attractive ingredient. IF the theory proves to be true.

Peppermint Leaf Powder

There is a lot that the Peppermint Leaf Powder is suspected of being used for. The benefit of improved digestion is one of them. Others include diarrhea, stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Of all the benefits mentioned above, the only thing it was ever really studied about was the IBS (irritable bowel syndrome.) The other afflictions are marked only as “likely effective.” This includes the Digestive benefit that the Controlled Lab Red Light is promising in their formula. Further research is required for this to be proven to be truly effective.

Ginger Root Powder

The Ginger Root is a spice that is heavily used in a lot of Asian Cooking. It was also used as a natural home remedy for nausea and indigestion in the past. Those benefits seem to be likely. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that it is 100% true.

Furthermore, there are some testosterone companies who believe that this will aid in the boosting of one’s testosterone. Unfortunately, such benefits have only been seen in a specific type of ginger that is native to Japan.

More research is required for the kind of ginger used here.

Horny Goat Weed

This funny sounding ingredient has made its way into a lot of testosterone boosting supplements. There are men who take this medicinal herb to aid with sexual deficiencies (which include Erectile Dysfunction.) It’s also been said to be an effective libido-booster.

However, all such benefits remain to be unproven. Thus far, all research has remained inconclusive and there is insufficient evidence to prove that it is a fact.

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Where to buy Controlled Labs Red Light

Price: $62.99

The price of the Controlled Labs Red Light is undeniably premium in quality. In fact, it’s more expensive than all of the supplements that are considered at the top of the market. That’s $62.99 per container on their Official Website, with a mis-mash of prices on big retail sites like Amazon.

To add further injury to this particular occasion. Each bottle only holds around 60 pills. Now, with the recommended dose being 3 per day, that will leave you with around 20 days’ worth of pills. Which, if you compare with other fat burners, is a lot less than the normal 30 days’ worth!

So yes, the Controlled Labs Red Light is definitely one of the most expensive supplements out there right now. Does it have any reason to be? I’m leaning on ‘no.’

Controlled Labs Red Light Side effects

Most of the ingredients chosen from the Controlled Labs Red Light fat burner are either plants, herbs, or spices. That means, that they’re 100% natural (for the most part.) In any case, one shouldn’t experience any side-effects — so long as the fat burner is taken as recommended.

Controlled Labs Red Light Conclusion

Controlled Labs seems to be very proud of their “innovation” here. However, the pride really doesn’t have any foundation to stand upon. Most of the ingredients they chosen were unproven. That means, there’s insufficient evidence when it comes to whether or not it works.

Furthermore, they have it priced at such a ridiculous amount. Especially when you consider the low pill count, and the fact that most of the ingredients are worthless.

So, whilst I appreciate the fact that they ‘tried’ something new. It really does leave a sour taste in the mouth. They could have leveraged the risks that they took by using ingredients that actually worked.

Because as it stands? There’s nothing about this formula that screams ‘fat burner’ to me. It ended up being just Caffeine (the only effective ingredient in this formula), paired with a bunch of fillers that doesn’t do anything at all.

Is there better? Definitely! If you want to see what a real fat burner should look like, check out our Top 3 Fat Burners list!

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