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Common Side Effects from Fat Burner Supplements

Ok we’ve covered in our other posts about how awesome fat burner supplements are, how they can be really effective with a combined diet, yadda yadda yadda. However, there is a flipside to having fat burning supplements and that is their side effects.

Almost every commercially sold fat burner will have some side effects associated with it. But what are they and is that anything to worry about? Let’s find out:

  • Insomnia: If like me, you need to turn around 100 times, get up to drink water now and then, and hit the bathroom to get rid of that water to be finally able to sleep, then the caffeine and ephedrine in that fat burner you bought might just worsen your condition by increasing your heart rate . While this might not look so serious, insomnia isn’t just sleep deprivation but also a condition that affects your overall immune system.
  • Poor Mental Health: Though it’s mostly associated with extreme use, fat burning pills are associated with mental conditions like mood swings, nervousness and in some cases even self-harm. Once again, this is only an extreme scenario.
  • Anxiety: Though there are some fat burners that aim to burn fat by reducing the amount of Cortisol secretion, those fat burner supplements that make use of other methods end up increasing the amount of Cortisol in the body, thus resulting an increase in stress and feelings of anxiety. When taken in high doses, this can result in further problems like dizzying, vomiting, palpitations among others.
  • Dehydration: During a hot weather or particularly when there’s an increase in body temperature, having fat burner increases your risk of dehydration. In most of the cases, caffeine and ephedrine have been found to cause dehydration while speeding up weight loss. While it’s relatively safe as you can always drink lots of water to bring your hydration levels back up, uncontrolled intake of fat burners while under these conditions can cause you to collapse.
  • Increased blood pressure: Aside from caffeine, fat burning supplements also contain other agents that elevate blood pressure in order to speed up metabolism and ultimately burn fat. While this is relatively safe for those who don’t have a medical condition, people who are already suffering from high blood pressure may face lethal health issues.
  • Liver Problems: A substance known as aegeline commonly found in fat burners is suspected of causing liver damage. In 2014, an outbreak of liver diseases occurred that the FDA has linked to this particular chemical and the CDC warns people about this as well. While the fat burner that caused this was subsequently removed from the market, it led to nearly 100 hospitalizations across the country out of which 3 patients needed liver transplants as well. Scary stuff.

But once again, it’s worth noting that for the most part these side effects are only caused due to overconsumption of fat burner supplements so if you have it as your physician has prescribed you, you’re peachy. Speaking of which, always consult your doc before trying these supplements for the best advice (they are the experts, after all).

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