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Code Red Fat Burner Review

Fat is stubborn as hell. And also pretty unsightly. If you’re looking for a way to help erase it quicker than before you need the support of a fat burner. Has your need to burn fat reached code red?! Sorry for the shit joke. Let’s take a look at this potential fat burner supplement, here’s your┬áCode Red Fat Burner Review.

Code Red is a fat burner created by enhanced athlete. It uses pretty common fat burning ingredients to help you boost metabolism and supposedly increase fat oxidation.

Whilst enhanced athlete boast that the formula is ‘Low caffiene’, there are plenty of other stimulants and caffeinated ingredients in this fat burner.

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This isn’t necessarily bad, but may leave you open to some unwanted side effects.

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Code Red Fat Burner Ingredients

The ingredients in Code Red fat burner are pretty good. There’s some key ingredients here that have a good effect on metabolism, energy and other areas crucial to burning away unwanted fat.

BUT, and it’s a fairly big but, there are also some ingredients in this product that could cause you unwanted side effects. This risk can make a good product, completely ineffective.

One benefit of the ingredients in Enhanced Athlete’s code red, is that the ingredients are at least natural and the product doesn’t use a proprietary blend to hide any doses. You can see exactly what you are going to be supplementing.

Code Red Fat Burner Ingredients


This is an amino acid that can help with focus and has been studied to have some benefits when it comes to appetite suppression. It needs to be supplemented at a high dose to be truly effective however.

Green Coffee

Green Coffee is packed with the fat burning compound CLA. It also has a good amount of stimulants and can help with appetite suppression. If you need a fat burner, then you need something with Green Coffee in it.


Present in dark chocolate. It’s thought that this can offer a mild stimulant effect whilst also helping with appetite suppression.

Green Tea

Essential in any fat burner as Green tea is one of the few ingredients that will literally help you burn away fat stored in your body. It’s also a great source of antioxidants.


An amino acid that at higher doses can increase the efficiency of energy processes in your body. The dose does need to be about 700mg for real results though.


This is a risky stimulant that when combined with caffeine can cause unwanted side effects. We’d recommend avoiding this ingredient where possible as it can actually do more harm than good when it comes to weight loss.

Code Red Fat Burner Dose

Dose wise you get 4 capsules per day. This isn’t a bad dose and is used by a few top fat burners.

Whilst generally you are getting a more even spread of the ingredients, it also highly depends on the dose.

Which is where Code Red Fat Burner gets a little frustrating. In the blend they’ve used a couple of ingredients that will put you at higher risk of side effects. The amino acids in Code Red are dosed on the low side in each capsule too. Meaning you won’t really feel any of the effects of these.

Code Red Fat Burner Side Effects

Code Red contains synephrine. This is an ingredient that has a stimulant effect and can boost metabolism. BUT, it has also been shown to cause headaches, nausea and jitters. This is due to the fact it has some similarties with banned substance ephedrene.

When you couple synephrine with the caffeinated ingredients in Code Red, you are getting a supplement that has a high risk of these side effects.

Where to Buy Code Red Fat Burner?

You can buy Code Red fat burner from Amazon, Ebay and some other major retailers. For direct purchases though you can head to the Enhanced Athlete website and buy it from there.

You get a solid 120 capsules for $39.99. Which isn’t bad in terms of serving. But this supplements ingredients and dose is a bit of a let down. So it shouldn’t be priced much more than this.

If you are serious about burning away that unwanted fat you really need to be looking at more premium and well dosed supplement like our top 3 fat burners.

Code Red Fat Burner Review Conclusion

There are some good ingredients in each capsule of Code Red Burner. No doubt you will experience a boot in metabolism and even an increase in focus.

What lets it down however is the inclusion of synephrine and the under dosing of other key fat burning ingredients.

Yes, the product looks good and may provide some short term benefits when it comes to your fat loss. But it’s risky and we don’t recommend supplementing this product for extended periods.

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