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Cellucor Super HD Fire Fat Burner Review

Cellucor Super HD Fire Fat Burner Review

Burn away your unwanted fat? Or just burn away money?

Shredding down can be tough. When I cut Christmas weight I always try and use products I know and trust. Occasionally something new does come out you can depend on though.

Cellucor have a long history of supplements. Covering all sorts. This product looks clinical and serious and comes with a premium price tag.

But will it work for you? Sadly the individual ingredients doses are hidden away in a proprietary blend. This is very BAD. Why?

Supplement companies have a habit of filling these blends with cheaper ingredients, which make them more money, but could lead to side effects or no effects at all.

Cellucor Super HD Fire Fat Burner Core Ingredients

Like we said, this product is made up of two blends which hide their complete ingredients list. The SuperHD Fire Igniter blend and Fire Fuel Blend. We can see some fairly good fat burning ingredients in them, but also some that are unproven.

They also seem to be relying on stimulants to get you the fat burning effect. Something that won’t get you very good results. Cellucor Super HD Fire Fat Burner Review Ingredients

SuperHD Fire Igniter (Morning Pill)

This stimulant heavy blend comes with 2 types of caffeine. Pretty flat really, the Ashwaganda supposedly helps weight loss by lowering levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Lower cortisol means your body will store less fat. However, there isn’t really enough evidence to support the use of Ashwaganda for this.

Remember you do not know exact doses either, so you may have a tiny ineffective amount.

SuperHD Fire Fuel (Afternoon Pill)

More stimulants! Whilst yes, there is a good metabolism and energy boosting effect to caffeine, you do not need a product that relies on it. In this second blend there is more cayenne, which is good and proven to help with weight loss too, but again at an unknown dose.

Dichrostachys glomerata is supposed to involve itself with regulation of insulin. We think. But there is very little online about this ancient herb. You’d be far better off with a product that contains chromium instead. That’s proven.

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Cellucor Super HD Fire Fat Burner Dose

1 capsule in the morning, 1 in the afternoon. This isn’t enough. The amount of ingredients in this product are too slim and the doses are too low to get the sort of results you need.

We’d recommend you check our #1 fat burner or even number #1 from Transparent Labs if you are serious about getting fat burning results.

Cellucor Super HD Fire Fat Burner Side Effects

A high dose of caffeine can lead to mild side effects, although it’s impossible to say how much this actually has in it.

Just be careful when supplementing as you literally cannot tell the amounts of the ingredients you are taking

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Cellucor Super HD Fire Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a bit of a letdown. We love the look of the product and Cellucor have done great supplements in the past, but ultimately this is just a caffeine capsules.

If you are serious about fat burning you need a bigger dose and more proven ingredients than are on offer here.

Our number 1 is a more well rounded product that will do all and more than this. If you are more interested in something that burns fat, but also supports mood and lowers cortisol you really need to be looking at products like our number #2.

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