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Is Mr Olympia as Good as it Was?

We here all old guys talking about how the new athletes that stand on the Mr Olympia stage are freaks. And not normally in the good sense. They are spending their time harking back to the late 70’s and early 80’s when the Mr Olympia competition was dominated by today’s Golden Era Legends. Arnold Schwarzenegger,… Read More »

Could the Tragedy of Rich Piana be Avoided? – Opinion

Known as one of the most straight talking athletes in the fitness industry, Rich Piana made a huge name for himself. Regularly talking openly about steroid use, the 46 year old Florida resident was recently found unconscious in his home after a phone call from girlfriend to emergency services. Read more about the campaign to… Read More »

World Champion Bodybuilder Dies in Car Accident

An Argentinian World Champion bodybuilder died in a car accident last week. The crash which took place in Argentina also involved 4 other competitors. Tragically nobody in the car, driven by the champion Alejandra Rubio survived. Crashing into a lorry, the car burst into flames with very little left of the wreckage. The two drivers of… Read More »

Sweat Powered Wearables – The Future of Health Trackers?

We live in exciting times, technology has never advanced quicker and we are always pushing new boundries. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have been working on ways to utilize minerals found in sweat to power devices through a patch attached to your skin. Until recently they’ve had limited success, but now Joseph Wang,… Read More »

R.I.P Muhammad Ali

We were saddened to wake up this morning to hear that the boxing legend had died at age 74. We’re too young to have ever seen his fight, but know all about his legacy. What’s more, the way Ali lived can be an example to us all in one way or another. Here’s our top… Read More »