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Can you lose fat and build muscle?

There are a lot of questions about whether a person can lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Looking around the web, you’ll find many speaking about how important fat is to build muscle, and that is true.

However, the main dealer when it comes to building muscle is protein. Everyone knows this.

Protein is filled with amino acids, and if you didn’t already know, amino acids are important in the building, repairing and maintenance of your muscle mass. This means that without it, you won’t get very far in terms of building muscle in your body.

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Now, what about fat?

Well fat, no surprise, is actually something that is necessary for you.

When the term ‘fat’ is used, it’s mostly talking about a substance called lipid. If you don’t know what lipids do for your body, one of the main things is that it helps you store energy. This is energy you can use throughout the day, or energy that is stored until you need it.

Lipids are also important when it comes to the making of the protein. Which basically means that fat is required to produce the protein that you need in order to build muscle.

A lot of people see fat negatively, because of its in unaesthetic effect. In reality, the fat you see in your body and dietary fats are actually two different things.

Dietary fats are important when it comes to healthy living, it’s only when you consume so much of it that it becomes a bad thing.

Just like everything else in your diet, make sure you are mindful about the amount you are taking in and the amount you are burning each day.

If you do that, then you’ll be just fine.

… And Muscle?

Muscle is very important when it comes to a person’s metabolic rate. Which means it’s very important in determining how much calories you burn every day.

If you want to be able to keep weight off, then the best way to do it is to not lose muscle. Building muscle is important in losing weight and keeping it off.

However, in order to gain muscle, you need a lot of proteins. Because muscle cells naturally shed proteins every day. Which means you’re going to have to keep your body ready with proteins in order to keep your muscle mass.

An average adult can gain a total of 15 pounds per year. That might not sound like a lot to some people, but it is cumulative. In order to gain 15 pounds per year, you’re going to have to gain around 1.25 a month!

The Relationship Between Fat and Muscle

Fat (Left), Muscle (Right)

Fat is very important to muscle building.

Dietary fats, in particular, are actually important when it comes to keeping your body healthy, especially when it comes to the absorption of required nutrients.

If you don’t consume these fats, then these helpful nutrients will just pass along and not be used for things you might want, like muscle growth!

The fats I speak of are considered ‘essential fatty acids.’ What that means is, these are not something that your body can make on its own. These are fats that you need to consume.

The good thing about these fats, are that they are used to produce omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Which are said to enhance muscle growth.

Eating healthy fat content will only help you absorb more of these vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be able to perform well!

Does Fat Equal Muscle?

Keep note that by Fat, I mean “good’ fats.

There is a different side to each coin, and when it comes to fat, there are fats that are good for you and then there are fats that are bad for you.

If you’re eating fats that are good for you, then this will increase your levels of good cholesterol.

If you’re wondering what cholesterol has to do with anything, well cholesterol is actually important in terms of muscle growth. Without cholesterol, a body will be unable to produce testosterone.

Now, “…if you ask the average gym goer what single physical factor most affects muscle growth and fat loss, they would probably answer testosterone levels.”

This, is just a really roundabout way of saying that yes, fat does help build muscle and keeps fat off at the same time.

Okay, but can you lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the same time?

With all the things I’ve said so far, it might be easy to assume that no, it’s impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

Fat, at least the ones good for you, are required to gain muscle. So how can you lose them, if you need them to gain muscle? Yeah, I know, it’s confusing.

However, if we’re talking in terms of losing body fat percentage and the amount of chub you have on your belly or thighs, then it is possible.

In order to gain muscle, you need to increase your caloric intake. This might come to a surprise to some people but the amount of calories that are needed to be added to your diet in order to build your muscles is not that many.

If your body can’t get the calories it needs from your food intake, then it will begin to tap into the calories you have stored in your body. If you eat enough calories to keep your body healthy, but not enough to gain weight then you’ll lose fat.

It’s not a magical cure, and the process will be slow.

However, the main idea is, so long as you keep eating healthy fats and not fats from processed foods, then your body will be able to build muscle. Again, this is a change that will happen over time, rather than at one go.

If you want to lose weight quickly, then you will definitely not be able to maintain the muscle mass that you have, nor will you be able to increase it. So try not to overdo it. Take it slow.

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