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Burning Man Fat Burner Review

To really reveal your abs and get shredded you need to be incinerating unwanted fat. To do this you need to be in a calorie defect and a natural fat burner can really help achieve this.

Burning Man fat burner is an Austrialian fat burner that uses 3 capsules per day and a fairly reasonable blend of some proven fat burning ingredients to try and get you that beach body look.

The blend stacks up well with other premium fat burners on the market, but there are some concerns as to the dose of the ingredients.

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What Burning Man fat burner does well right off the bat though, is gives you a good dose of L-Carnitine. Most capsule based fat burners miss the mark with this.

Less take a look at the other ingredients and their potential effects anyway.

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Burning Man Fat Burner Ingredients

A high dose of L-Carnitine will get you some benefits if you are training hard. But ultimately it’s going to be the Green Tea and caffeine that make the day to day difference with this fat burner.

The blend is a little disappointing other than these ingredients. It’s good to see Vitamin D present, as most people are deficient and it can really help with health and fitness.

In terms of fat burning results though, it’d be good to see some appetite suppressants and a better serving size in this fat burner.

Burning Man Fat Burner Ingredients


L-Carnitine helps the transfer of energy at a cellular level. It’s effective in doses at around 1000mg+. Generally this is more of a bodybuilders supplement, as it’s effectiveness requires a completely clean diet and lots of training.

Green Tea

A proven natural fat burner. Green tea contains compounds help tell your body to use stored fat as energy and also breakdown long tail fatty acids in the liver. It’s also packed with antioxidants and some caffeine. Making it essential to any supplement you buy.

Coleus Forskohlii

Used for centuries within indian medicine, it’s thought that the plant extract coleus forskohlii can reduce unwanted fat through increasing testosterone levels. This may be a little too good to be true though as this plant still requires more scientific study.


Caffeine is one of the most researched ingredients on the plant. It’s proven to improve mental focus, suppress appetite and also increase your metabolism. If taken at the right dose and in the right interval caffeine can be a shortcut to fat loss success.


Hordenine may work as a┬ánoradrenaline reuptake inhibitor. Basically signalling the body to start using fat as a source of energy. There is still more research required on this alkaloid before it’s proven and worth your money though.

Burning Man Fat Burner Dose

You get a good dose of L-Carnitine and Green Tea in the full serving of Burning Man.

Staunch nation have added some less well know and frankly under performing ingredients into this blend though. Which is a little frustrating.

The 3 capsules a day will ensure the l-carnitine is as effective as possible though, keeping your body topped up.

Our top fat burner does however pip Staunch Nation Burning Man, by using 4 capsules and a more effective and balanced ingredients profile.

Burning Man Fat Burner Side Effects

There’s limited risky ingredients that have gone into Staunch Nations fat burner.

Side effects wise the only real risk is from headaches and nausea that come from the caffeine.

Effects wise you should experience a boosted metabolic rate and some focus. Remember this fat burner works best with workouts. So you’re going to get the best results on training days.

Where to buy Burning Man Fat Burner

You can buy Burning Man fat burner directly from the Staunch nation website.  One bottle costs $48.99. Which gets you 90 capsules or a months supply.

We can’t help but feel you are paying a little for the big name attached to this fat burner. Calum Von Moger, rather than an amazingly well developed formula.

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Burning Man Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Calum Von Moger’s supplement company Staunch nation are behind Burning Man.┬á This makes sense as this is a fat burner that’s for people who are training hard.

Generally the blend is geared towards this and so on non training days you won’t see as much of an effect as you would do with our current number 1 fat burner for example.

When buying a fat burner to get proper results, you need to evenly spread the dose throughout the day, including non training days and use a blend of proven fat burners.

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