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BSN HyperShred Edge Fat Burner Review

BSN HyperShred Edge Fat Burner Review

BSN’s latest fat burner offering promises you a boost in metabolism, increase in focus and boost of energy, giving you the edge to shred the competition.

For me fat burning isn’t something competitive. It’s a choice and lifestyle change! Make sure you know that when you’re choosing a fat burner.

HyperShred Edge uses a blend of amino acids, vitamins and herbs to naturally burn away unwanted fat.

With so many unproven blends and herbs out there, let’s take a look and see if HyperShred is going to be the fat burner for you.

BSN HyperShred Edge Fat Burner Ingredients

The ingredients in HyperShred do look pretty good. It’s all natural, we can see the doses of everything and there is a good base layer of b vitamins (energy vitamins) in each capsule.

It’s important to remember when buying a fat burner you need something that offers you support in as many areas as possible whilst keeping your metabolism on fire and extra calories through the day.

One thing missing from this product is it’s ability to serve as an appetite suppressant, which is essential when you are wanting to effective cut fat.

L-Tyrosine & L-Carnitine

Both amino acids and will help provide a good amount of focus and optimize the way that the body get it’s energy. Both of these ingredients are proven and will be effective, but for them to work at their best you do need to be training. Be aware of this.


A staple fat burning ingredient and one that not only increases you metabolism, but also provides you with energy and keeps you focused. At 400mg this caffeine is dosed on the high side, so be a little cautious especially if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Green Tea

Another ingredient you NEED in any fat burner. Green tea helps with the break down of fat acids and essentially helps the body burn away fat. There’s a small amount of caffeine in here too which will ensure you have enough to keep that fat burning optimized.

Cayenne Pepper

Will set your metabolism on fire. Adding a little of this well known spice into a fat burner capsule can cause the body to try and cool itself and burn more calories.


Can have similar stimulant effects as caffeine and also slightly increase your metabolism.

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BSN HyperShred Edge Fat Burner Dose

4 capsules per day. This is a good dosing structure as it means you can keep your metabolism boosted through the day. You can also have 2 of those capsules pre workout to ensure you get the most from HyperShred.

The ingredients in here are dosed well too, with 400mg of caffeine you may expereince some slight side effects, but nothing to worry about.

The blends of herbs seem to dosed fairly well too. 300mg of green tea could be a little higher and spread more evenly, rather than taking two capsules at once.

BSN HyperShred Edge Fat Burner Side Effects

You probably won’t get too many negative side effects from this product. The main one to be aware of is the caffeine, 400mg is quite a high dose for a single day. But you can always alter your dosing structure to ensure it doesn’t get too much.


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BSN HyperShred Edge Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a pretty solid fat burner, with a good blend of amino acids, vitamins and herbs you will get some good results.

A couple of the lesser known herbs in here are still slightly up for debate in their effectiveness.

HyperShred Edge is dosed well, but there is one big flaw. You NEED some dietary support/appetite suppression if you are cutting weight and HyperShred just doesn’t offer enough of it.

BSN HyperShred Edge Fat Burner Review

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