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BPI Roxylean Fat Burner Review

BPI Sports Roxylean is a natural fat burner that uses a proprietary blend to speed up your metabolism and boost energy levels. Fat burner supplements like this one can be slightly problematic, as high levels of stimulants can be especially problematic.

While BPI Sports have focused on natural ingredients in their fat burner, the proprietary blend means it’s impossible to tell the actual doses that are present.

One big positive for this far burner is that Roxylean can be found in a few stores for buy one get one free. But remember, buying cheaper supplements also means you have a weaker supplement.

Let’s take a look in the main blend of Roxylean and see if buying BPI sports fat burner is going to get you good results.

BPI Roxylean Fat Burner Core Ingredients

Ingredients wise there is some good stuff inside each capsule of BPI Sports RoxyLean. But, the problem is the proprietary blend.

No matter how good fat burning ingredient is, if it’s at the wrong doseage it simply may not work. Which means you are wasting your money.

Whilst ingredients like caffeine are proven to be effective and well studied too, there are some that aren’t as good in RoxyLean and mean you are taking a chance when it comes to effectively burning away unwanted fat.

BPI Sports Roxylean Ingredients


Essential for any fat burner supplement. Why? Because it’s scientifically proven to work. Caffeine not only gives you energy, but also helps to speed up your metabolism. This increase means you burn more calories. Also, if you are hitting the gym, it means you’ll improve performance. Further burning even more fat.

Citrus Limon

Generally it’s thought that lemon extract like this can increase metabolism to help burn fat. But, whilst there are some studies proving it, it’s not a miracle ingredient like green tea and just lacks the potency of something like citrus aurantium.


Little research has been done on this asian herb. It’s commonly known as Malabar nut. It’s not hugely known for any fat burning proprieties but has been looked at as a topical cream. Its thought it can reduce headaches.


Skullcap is generally a therapeutic herb that can help reduce levels of stress and aid with fatigue. This can help reduce the amount of fat stored by the body. It can also enhance workouts by allow you to focus better in the gym.

BPI Roxylean Fat Burner Dose

2 capsules per day is the dose of RoxyLean.

This isn’t really enough to ensure you are kept fuelled with fat burning ingredients and could mean this fat burner is pretty ineffective.

Ingredients wise you’re just not really getting enough of key ingredients to make it work properly either. This is quite disappointing.

With our top fat burners we have products that contain a far more diverse ingredients profile but also have 4 capsules per day. Which ensures your body is burning through as much fat as possible.

Where can you buy BPI Roxylean Fat Burner?

BPI Sports RoxyLean is available to buy directly from the BPI Sports website.

The best deal for RoxyLean fat burner though, was one we found on UK based supplement store predator nutrition. It costs around £25 a bottle.

Whilst this is pretty good value, it’s frustrating that this fat burner uses a proprietary blend and has a few relatively unstudied ingredients inside.

BPI Roxylean Fat Burner Side Effects

The only real side effects you could get from this fat burner are from the caffeine.

However the dose of the caffeine is fairly low and safe meaning that these effects will only occur if you are particularly sensitive to this ingredient.

Side effects can be fairly common with fat burners, but if you get the right one they can be safely avoided so you can just get the positive effects.

BPI Roxylean Fat Burner Review Conclusion

RoxyLean isn’t a great fat burner. Sadly, the ingredients just aren’t very well researched from the companies perspective. Meaning that there’s only really the caffeine and the skullcap that will have any real fat burning effects.

If you want a serious fat burner, you need completely researched and scientifically backed ingredients. These basically ensure success when it comes to cutting away unwanted fat and weight.

BPI Sports have dropped the ball with the research and the blend of this fat burner. What’s worse is that they’ve hidden away the blend, so you have no idea how much caffeine you are taking.

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