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Body Nutrition Cuts Fat Burner Review

Cutting weight is tough. But a well dosed, solid fat burner can make it loads easier.

Body Nutrition’s fat burner offering is Cuts. This is a fairly plain looking basic fat burner, and perhaps more suited to someone on a casual weight cut.

Body Nutrition are a small supplement company that focus on in store and online retail and offer a small range of fairly good supplements.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients inside Cuts Fat Burner and see if it’s going to get you some decent weight and fat loss results.

Body Nutrition Cuts Fat Burner Core Ingredients

The ingredients list of this product is pretty small. But that comes with these cheaper fat burners. It’s good to see a list of completely natural ingredients in here though, so you will avoid most nasty side effects.

Remember when buying a fat burner it’s important you find something that doesn’t hide all the ingredients in a proprietary blend.


Caffeine helps increase reactions in your central nervous system, but all boosts mood and endurance.

It’s an essential ingredient in a fat burner. The problem is with caffeine, to avoid negative side effects you need to spread the dose over 3-4 capsules, to avoid the crashes that come with doses like 200mg.

Citrus Aurantium

This ingredients fat burning properties are something that are yet to be fully proven. While it may aid the digestive system and in turn help with metabolic rate, the dose in this supplement is a little small. There is a chance that this can actually interact negatively with caffeine.

Green Tea

A fat burning staple. Green Tea works by breaking down fatty acids in the liver. This means that the body can then use stored fat for fuel.

Another bonus of green tea is that it will also provide you with a small amount of energy due to the caffeine, AND it contains powerful antioxidants. For it to be truly effective, you’re going to need more than the 10mg in this product.

A solid dose is around 500mg.


This is a natural ingredient that is taken from a South African tree. It mainly serves as a stimulant, like the caffeine. The problem here is that there have been no studies to prove that this ingredient will actually boost athletic performance. Some also say it will aid sexual performance, but again this may not be true and more studies need to be carried out. The recommended dose of this ingredient would be around 200mg+.

Body Nutrition Cut’s is massively under dosed with it’s 10mg.


This is an amino acid that can help the body use carbs and food more efficiently as energy.  We’re not even sure why they’ve put 5mg of this in here, as you need well over 100mg for any slight results. Some supplements have 100 times the amount that body nutrition’s Cut’s does.

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Body Nutrition Cuts Fat Burner Side Effects

You may experience some discomfort from the interactions between the stimulants in this product.

But this will be minor. The dose of everything other than the caffeine is extremely low, to the point we doubt you’ll get any real results at all!

Body Nutrition Cuts Fat Burner Dose

Other than the caffeine, everything is under dosed.

Even if you were to have 2-3 capsules, you’d be exceeding doses in the stimulants and feeling crashes, headaches and nausea as a result.

You could only take 1 capsule of this safely, but you’d need about 5 through the day.

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Body Nutrition Cuts Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This isn’t worth your money.

The dosing structure is terrible, and the key ingredients are so low that they won’t really have any effect at all.

This is where it’s important to invest in a premium fat burner and avoid any of these supplements as you’ll waste money and time on results that’ll never come.

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Body Nutrition Cuts Fat Burner Review

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