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Body Amplify Boost Fat Burner Review

Body Amplify are a supplement company who offer a small line of well developed products. Their fat burner is called Boost. Effects wise from Boost Fat burner you can expect an increased amount of energy, more mental focus and a slight increase in metabolism.

However how much of an effect depends on the doses and some of the ingredients in their blend.

The blend is boost is made up of 3 proprietary blends, this is a slight issue as it means that you can’t see the individual amounts of ingredients that go into the product.

This is a problem as you could be taking something that has no effect, or unwanted effects.  There is a chance there could be as much as 800mg+ of caffeine in this product and you’d never know until the side effects came.

Let’s take a closer look at the blend in Body  Amplify Boost fat burner…

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Body Amplify Boost Fat Burner Ingredients

Each of the 3 blends in Body Amplify Boost Fat burner contains some good ingredients that can certainly work and provide some fat loss benefits. There is however an issue though, and that is the fact that Body Amplify have hidden the exact doses of ingredients in this product.

Generally there’s some good ingredients that will increase your metabolism and also give you some good focus and energy, but there’s also some unnecessary ingredients in the 3 blends.

As a fat burner this could be a great product, but what are Body Amplify hiding?



Can work as an anti oxidant and is thought to help boost metabolism. However there have been no major studies conducted on these effects for this ingredient so it’s hard to say for sure it’ll work.

Hoodia Gordonii

An extract from a plant that grows natively in South Africa, it’s thought that among some traditional uses it can actually suppress appetite. There are however far better ingredients to do this, that have been more heavily researched.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps with energy metabolism at a cellular level. It can assist with the burning of fat for energy, however is much better at higher doses. As it’s impossible to see how much does into Body Amplify, it’s hard to tell if it’s worth it.


An essential fat burning ingredient that increases metabolism and also provides a clean source of energy. Caffeine can provide clean energy and focus and works especially well if you are training.

Green Tea

Green tea is a fat burning powerhouse. It’s no secret that the drink is good for you as it’s packed with antioxidants, but the extract of this leaf is full of metabolism boosters and has been proven to help prevent your body storing fat.

White Willow

Thought to extend the effects of fat loss supplements white willow is the extract of a trees bark. It’s used predominantly in asprin, but may have some proven benefits within fat burning.


Helps with focus and can soften the crash after a high amount of caffeine. As an amino acid however, it requires a high dose to work effectively.

Body Amplify Boost Fat Burner Dose

You get 3 capsules a day of Body Amplify Boost. This is a good amount for a fat burner but due to the product using a proprietary blend you are really gambling on how effective it will be.

Some of the ingredients in this product require a higher dose than is available in the blends. So are likely going to be ineffective.

This is frustrating but is a common tactic used by supplement companies to keep costs down and profits up.

Body Amplify Boost Fat Burner Side Effects

There is sadly the potential for some energy crashes from this fat burner. Despite what the website says.

As a supplement, this could be high in it’s caffeine and low in it’s L-tyrosine, as the latter is a more expensive ingredient.

Despite being touted as a safe fat burner, we’d recommend that you test your tolerance with an individual capsule in the morning. Before training ideally.

Where to buy Body Amplify Boost Fat Burner

You can order your own bottle of Body Amplify Boost fat burner from BodyAmplify.com. You pay $45 for 90 capsules.

Whilst this isn’t a bad price, what is a bit of a waste is not know how this fat burner will effect you or how much of important ingredients like Green Tea extract you are getting.

Results wise this product is going to certainly give you a boost in energy and focus for the cost, but in terms of fat loss we’re not sure it’s worth it.

Body Amplify Boost Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This product has some solid and proven fat burning herbs and ingredients in it.

But where it let’s itself down is through the use of a proprietary blend. This means that even though the ingredients are natural and effective, you have no idea about what dose you are taking of them.

It’s essential if you are going to be buying a supplement that burns fat that you get something that is backed up by scientifically proven doses of key fat burning ingredients.

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