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Blade Fat Burner Review

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade Fat Burner is a promising looking product from US company Blue Star. If you’re looking to cut away unwanted fat with a blade and seriously make progress on your weight loss program this could be the fat burner for you.

Blade is widely available online and has the potential to make it into our list of top fat burners, due to it’s natural ingredients profile and cool looking bottle.

But there are a few questions you should be asking before you invest in this product and see if it’s right for yo. Will the ingredients in Blade Fat Burner work? Is Blade Fat Burner safe? And importantly, how much is it and where can you buy blade fat burner?

We will take a look at these important questions and also see if there are any more effective alternatives losing fat.

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What Ingredients are in Blue Star Blade

Blue Star Blade has a limited amount of ingredients in it. But the good news is, is that they are all natural.

As a fat burner, natural ingredients are essential for best results. You can get big increases in metabolism and the burning away of stored fat from ingredients like caffeine and green tea.

It’s important to remember though, the dose needs to be right. Blue Star Blade does have good doses of proven ingredients.

But sadly, there are some ingredients that could lead to potential side effects. This is a little annoying.

Blue Star Blade Ingredients

Green Tea

Essential in a fat burner. Green tea can actually help with the breakdown of long chain fatty acids in the liver.

So essential green tea can promote the use of fat as energy. What’s even better is it’s a great antioxidant and helps with boosting your metabolism.


Caffiene is another must have ingredient for a fat burner. It works by giving you energy for workouts and boosting your metabolism.

It’ll also help stopping you snacking and make you feel less tired if you are dieting. This is one of the most researched fat burning ingredients available.


This is chemically similar to banned substance ephedrine. Which essential means it’s dangerous.

Most reports of side effects from Synephrine are due to interactions with other stimulants. When it works properly it helps provide an increase in metabolism and can help with some appetite suppression.


Whilst this is thought to be a good fat burning compound, it can interact with other ingredients quite easily.

The jury is still out on the metabolism and energy providing effects of Yohimbine. So be careful if you decide to supplement it.

Sweet Pepper/Cayenne

Essential for causing that full body burn. This will head to your stomach and cause the body to try and cool down. When this happens you are burning extra calories as energy.

The extra calorie burn is absolutely essential if you are planning on cutting back weight.

Blue Star Blade Dose

You get 2 capsules per day of Blade.

This for a fat burner just isn’t enough. Whilst you could split the dose, and get some benefits, it’s better to go with a product that has a serving size of around 4 capsules.

Why? Because this ensures you are kept burning extra calories for as long as possible through the day. It also means you are more likely to avoid snacking and stick to your diet.

The amount of the key active ingredients in here are ok, 300mg of Green Tea will work and L-Carnitine just needs another 100mg to be optimized. But once again there could be improvements on the servings.

Will Blue Star Blade give me side effects?

Annoyingly it might. Blue Star Blade isn’t completely free from side effects like other top fat burners.

Simply because it contains synephrine and caffeine, which can harmfully interact.

Side effects you may experience from Blue Star Blade are headaches, nausea and sickness. It’s certainly worth testing your tolerance to ensure you are side effect free with this fat burner.

Where can you buy Blue Star Blade?

You can buy Blue Star Blade at Amazon.com or you can buy Blue Stars fat burner directly from Blue Stars website for $69.99.

This is a very very expensive price for the limited amount of ingredients you get in the product. It’s also worth noting that we couldn’t find any form of guarantee, like comes with the top fat burners available today.

We’d be a little disappointed if we spent $70 on this product only to find it didn’t work. Buying Blue Star Blade from Amazon may even result in you paying a little more. Which would be very annoying.

There are better fat burners out there for cheaper, or for a similar price.

Does Blue Star Blade work?

You should expect some reasonable fat loss results from Blue Star Blade. But annoyingly there isn’t any sign of a decent appetite suppression ingredient in the product.

Even more annoying is the risk of side effects from Synephrine, which is chemically similar to ephedrine.

Side effects can seriously set you back when it comes to cutting away unwanted fat.

Blue Star Blade Review Conclusion

We wouldn’t buy Blue Star blade for the money it costs. The ingredients profile just isn’t as strong as other premium products.

But there are some good and proven fat burning ingredients inside it and it does have a fairly decent serving size when you go for the bigger options.

Ultimately though, it falls about 5 ingredients short of our top fat burner and doesn’t guarantee the results or money back.

You’d seriously need to be working out and dieting hard to get the most from this product.

If you want a premium fat burner with a better dose and higher serving of proven ingredients, we’d recommend checking out our current top 3 fat burners.

Market leader Instant Knockout beats blade on almost every front and comes in at a similar price.

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