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Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone Review

Today we will be looking at something a little different. Not exactly unique, or the first of its kind, but different. In our Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone Review, we will be analyzing the Pre Workout/Fat Burner product that was manufactured by Black Market Labs.

That might sound like a score of a deal for some people, but it’s really not all that great. Most supplements can only handle being one thing at a time. That’s why it’s so rare for us to find products like the Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone.

Nevertheless, we’re going to give this a chance and see whether or not it holds promise as a Pre Workout/Fat Burner.

The first thing we’ll look at is the company itself. Black Market Labs is based in America and has produced quite a bit of supplements in the past. You’ve probably run into a couple of their products yourself, perhaps on online stores or reviews.

It’s a pretty reputable brand, but of course. The most important part of any supplement are the ingredients themselves. Continue on to find out more about what they put inside the Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone.

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Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone Ingredients

There is a fair number of ingredients in here. Enough for us to worry that some ingredients might be a touch underdosed. However, as much as we’d like to confirm whether or not that is truly the case. We can’t because the Fierce Tone uses a proprietary blend.

We have a great dislike for supplements that use blends like these. Because it keeps us from knowing just how much of an ingredient is inside the formula. Of course, that’s exactly why so many companies use them- to hide the true effectiveness of their supplements.Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone


This is an ingredient that is found in most Pre Workouts. It is an effective ingredient, one that will help you feel stronger and last longer in the gym. However, it comes with a side-effect (mentioned later) that turns a lot of people off from actually using it.


Caffeine is undoubtedly the best stimulant out there. However, when taken in doses that are much too large, one can incur side-effects (mentioned later on.)


This is an ingredient that is often mixed with Caffeine. Caffeine and L-Theanine together make a superpower mix of ingredients that gives energy and focus inside of the gym.


A favorite Pre Workout ingredient of ours, one that significantly benefits one’s level of fatigue and level of focus inside of the gym.

Citrulline Malate

A great blood oxidizer. This opens up your veins and helps you get better pumps.

Beetroot Extract

Much like Citrulline Malate, this is an ingredient meant to help ease the flow of blood inside of your body.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Effective at boosting one’s metabolism.

Bitter Orange Extract

This is an ingredient that we often avoid, no matter the formula that it is inside of as it has been known to cause some troubling side-effects (mentioned later on.)

Where to buy Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone

The Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone is available on their official website and costs around 59.99 US Dollars. There are 30 servings, which should last for a month. That’s fairly expensive for a supplement.

Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone Side effects

There are a couple of ingredients in the Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone that can be problematic. We don’t know just how harmful these ingredients can be- because all of them are inside of proprietary blends.  

  • Beta-Alanine can cause mild-paresthesia, which is a tingly/itchy sensation on the skin.
  • Caffeine, when taken in large doses can cause jitters and energy crashes.
  • Bitter Orange Extract can cause nausea, headache, and anxiety.

Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone Results Review and Expected Effects

The Blackmarket Labs Fierce Tone… Is not bad. It should serve some of its purposes just fine. In the least, it should provide minor-to-moderate benefits. However, it tried a little too hard to be something more than what it is.

Because there’s only one daily dose, we can expect that most of the fat burner ingredients won’t be as effective. The fact that everything is blended up makes it difficult for us to know whether any of the ingredients will actually work. There are some troublesome ingredients that can pose a risk as well.

It’s not the worst, but there’s definitely better supplements out there. Both on the Pre Workout and Fat Burner side.

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