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Black Skull Supplements Heart Attack Thermogenic Review

This is one scary sounding supplement. Black Skull’s marketing team must be crazy. This thermogenic is made up of a tiny list of ingredients, but judging by the name, must be potent as hell, right?

Taking a look beyond the Black Skull brand and Heart Attack name of this fat burner, you’re not really left with much at all.

We’re saddened to say that whilst this cheap supplement may offer some energy, we are doubtful you’d get much more than a strong cup of coffee.

Black Skull Supplements Heart Attack Thermogenic Core Ingredients

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Black Skulls Thermogenic’s list of ingredients is 1 – Caffeine.

Whilst caffeine does offer some metabolism boosting benefits, a good amount of energy and is one of the most studied supplement ingredients going…it’s also quite cheap and to be effective as a thermogenic needs regular low doses.

The main problem with just offering 1 ingredient as a product is, what are you paying for? You can get caffeine from coffee, so this Thermogenic isn’t up to much.

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Black Skull Supplements Heart Attack Thermogenic Dose

420mg of caffeine per dose.

This is going to make you feel jittery and awful, there’s not even any dicaffeine malate to make the delivery of it into your system slower.

You can get enough energy from less caffeine split through the day, as would happen in a standard fat burner.

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Black Skull Supplements Heart Attack Thermogenic Side Effects

There’s going to be some nasty crashes from so much caffeine in a single dose. This is an absolute fact and it’s just not worth the risk of ruining your day.

Other side effects can include headaches and nausea.

Black Skull Supplements Heart Attack Thermogenic Review Conclusion

You’d have to be pretty mad to spend so much on this supplement and expect serious thermogenic effects.

The brand is interesting and strong and the company alright, but ultimately you need more if you are seriously going to burn away fat.

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